And Now the Blame is on Carmelo Anthony… Again.

And Now the Blame is on Carmelo Anthony… Again.
M.D. Wright

After the Knicks were bounced from the 2013 Eastern Conference playoffs on Saturday night, the trolling of Melo finger pointing began anew. Yes, Carmelo Anthony played awful defense at times in Game 6. Yes, his two turnovers late were critical. No, he did not charge into Paul George on that critical offensive foul call on Anthony late in the game (shades of the calls against Allan Houston vs. Toronto in the 2001 1st Round series). No, he did not have anything to do with JR Smith driving asleep at the wheel as Lance Stephenson got back to back to BACK uncontested layups late in the game. Anthony scored 39 points on 15-29 FG. He did his job. Tyson Chandler, JR Smith and Mike Woodson did not (sitting white hot Iman Shumpert and Chris Copeland in critical moments in the 4th, and not deviating from the regular season “rest pattern” that saw Anthony sit at the beginning of the 4th quarters of games, when Anthony should have been out there to help squelch the run that the Pacers immediately mounted).

The hate for Melo is hilarious. I even saw this one fool attempt to compare the situations in Denver and Cleveland before and after Anthony and James’ tenures with those respective teams.

Apples to oranges. Both teams were bad going into the 2003 Draft. The Cavaliers had been tanking so obviously for the final two months of the 2002-2003 season. If you were actually old enough to remember it, you recall this vividly. Then Stern fixes it so that the hometown product goes to the Cavs.

That’s where the similarities end.

Melo is asked to do different things than James. Two different styles of game. But that should be readily apparent to anyone who knows the game. Won’t waste time there.

The Nuggets received four players and two picks in the trade of Anthony. If Dolan hadn’t interfered with what Donnie Walsh was doing — holding out for the summer when the Knicks would have had Anthony free and clear without mortgaging their future and cap space in a trade, the Knicks would be the best team in the East with their depth consisting of guys who have flourished in Denver, when healthy.

James walked away from Cleveland on his own. Of course the Cavs are going to bottom out again when their best player and the 3-4 hired mercenaries on one year contracts or on their last legs are all that are left. Comparing what the Nuggets have done with a cupboard full of players and picks and the Cavs, who were bereft of talent immediately before and immediately after James left, is foolish.

And had Irving, Thompson and the rest of their newly acquired talent hadn’t missed so many games in the past two seasons, the Cavs would have had the same 20 game improvement that the Cavs had in James’ first two years.

You can’t get idiots like the one i mentioned earlier to stop trying to overstate stats and other things to substantiate his/her agenda against Melo.

Carmelo Anthony IV


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