Cause and Effect, Actions and Expected Results, Unexpected

Cause and Effect, Actions and Expected Results, Unexpected
M.D. Wright

If you want certain results, you must be in position to yield and receive those results. Plain and simple. Any expectation otherwise is lunacy and you may as well have a Fairy Godmother, for all it’s worth.

If you want to be a doctor, you better be prepared to spend the next 10-12 years (at least) committed to your undergraduate studies, residency and required training before you will be allowed to practice. Blowing off your sciences, not studying to show yourself approved, and not caring about entering the profession aside from the lure of potential earnings is not going to cut it. In fact, doing any or all of those three things is guaranteed to land you in abject failure and mounds of frustration.

Merely hoping to become a million/billionaire because you want to stunt and style is not going to happen because you wish it so. There is work to be done (and often more than most people with this shallow hope ever intend to put in — as the great majority of people who obtain, and more importantly, sustain wealth did not do so because they sought to be rich). People whose sole focus is becoming rich may obtain material wealth for a while, but their selfish motives make the gain just as fleeting when it disappears as it was in showing up.

Case in point, many professional athletes and entertainers. And even when many of them gain the fame and actually sustain some wealth, they lose their souls, mental well-being, family and true friends in the process of chasing after the fleeing dollar.

If you expect to get married (for the right reasons, and have it last), you cannot expect to find (or be found) when you go clubbing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, spend every day otherwise in the bar, and generally don’t do anything that makes you worthy of being married. Far too often, you hear women talking about they want this and that in a man, but are not doing anything themselves to be deemed worthy of being married.

And no, having a job, house, car and money of your own is not analogous to worthiness. Congratulations, you are doing what is expected of any responsible adult, and you are now doing what 140 million other adults in the United States do. Bravo to you and your “independent” ass.

Just as a drug addict cannot expect to beat his/her addiction by hanging around addicts all day, or an alcoholic cannot expect to beat his/her alcoholism by continuing to drink and hang around nothing but people who drink every night, you cannot expect results without the requisite actions and lifestyles that precede the desired results.

Once again, expecting anything else is lunacy.

Wanting things is one thing, doing what it takes is another, and furthermore, having the character to maintain them is a whole ‘nother deal. Even if you put in the work, if your motives aren’t pure, you will not have peace. Consider this as you proceed henceforth from this crossroads that you find yourself today.

Cause & Effect II


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