“I Don’t Have Expectations From People” and Waiting for the Great Gazoo to Grant Your Wishes: A Corollary

“I Don’t Have Expectations From People” and Waiting for the Great Gazoo to Grant Your Wishes: A Corollary
M.D. Wright

I laugh at people for many reasons. I laugh at myself because of some of the foolish things that I think, say and do. I am not exempt from ridicule. However, in this instance, this is something that I do not espouse (and for once, am exempt): the idea that the lazy mindset that leads people to believe that not having any expectations from anyone is a wise way to live.

Oh sure, we’ve all been disappointed and betrayed by someone who gave their word to do something that they eventually did not follow through and complete. We have all disappointed and betrayed people by not doing the same (funny how the sentiment often softens when we’re the ones who don’t follow through). Unreliable and undependable people are the bane of most peoples’ existence. However, a more realistic person knows that they have let people down many times in life if they have lived long enough — and will do so in the future, whether due to extenuating circumstances or selfish putting-off of the fulfillment of one’s word.

It is human nature to be flawed; whether the inaction is attributable to oversight, extenuating circumstances, or just blowing off responsibilities to the person(s) whom you gave your word, it is folly to believe that there is even one human being who will never let you down in this life.

Likewise, however, it is folly to believe that the Great Gazoo is going to show up one day, after crashing his extra-terrestrial hovercraft and begin to give you everything that your (inherently selfish) heart desires.

That may sound like a reach, or even draw a chuckle, but it is just as funny as listening to people constantly going on rants about being let down once in a while (if the same people are letting you down constantly, you are just as much to blame — if not more so — so pipe down, kiko).

No one likes to be let down or be betrayed. But in this life, it is going to happen. It will happen as long as you live. The remedy isn’t to go from being a trusting, reliable and dependable person yourself and go join the pack of “Undependables,” because you still reap what you sow. Would you not rather begin/continue a cycle of blessings and good fortune, or switch your mores and values and begin letting other people down recklessly?

So whenever I hear people say, “Ugh, I don’t have expectations for people anymore, this way, if they let me down, I won’t be disappointed, and if they come through, it’s like found money,” I counter with this sentiment: “How much are you doing yourself to begin with, such that you are putting your entire fate in the hands of another?” Sure, there are times where we have no choice but to depend on someone to come through in the clutch. Sure, we know going into those situations that some of these people are like James Harden in important playoff games, and know that they are not going to come through from the get-go, but why did you put your trust in them in the first place?

What is destined to be for you will be, and there isn’t a man or woman who can open and close the door to what is destined to be yours.

Not even The Great Gazoo.

Gazoo I


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