Changes? Or Full-Frontal?

Changes? Or Full-Frontal?

M.D. Wright


People who haven’t been around me in years, and even some who have been around me off and on all along like to say, “Mike/Deonn you changed, why are you so sarcastic/cutthroat, etc.” but the reality is:

— I am actually not mean-spirited, angry, cutthroat or any of those negative things. Sarcastic? Yes. The others? No. People who are truly close to me know this.

— I haven’t changed internally. What changed was external; and that was simply not forsaking speaking my mind and the truth (or both, when they intersect at opinion and fact) in a straightforward, but tactful way — although I can be acerbic and chafing for those who want it — without trying to be nice for the sake of sparing others’ feelings.

That simply means I am not looking to intentionally offend anyone with what I say or do, but if you happen to be, because it is not my intent, it is your job to get over it, because no apology is forthcoming.

And that goes for nigras on the CAHNAH (corner), relatives who have gone 20 years since they were last around me and expect me to still the pre-teen kid that I was at that time, and whoever else has a problem with it, doesn’t matter if it is the pope or YOUR “pastor.” You get no preferential treatment, B.


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