When’s The Right Time to Get Married?

Michael Writes

When’s The Right Time to Get Married?

M.D. Wright



When IS  the right time to get married?




There was once a time where you pretty much understood that it was “the thing to do” right out of high school (most of our grandparents — for those who even went/finished). A little later, this became “right out of college” (for those who went). However, just as age is not on a sliding scale with maturity, the “perfect” time to marry is likewise arbitrary.


I’ve seen people be “engaged” for 3, 4, 5 years (which flummoxes me, but moving on…) some of them marry eventually, some break it off and never do. The ones who marry sometimes stay together, but more often than not, the longer the engagement (beyond 18-24 months), the likelihood that effects detrimental to the relationship have seeped in and…

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