What Is Family?

Michael Writes

What Is Family?
M.D. Wright

What Is Family?
You ask this question to 50 people, and you’re likely to get 50 different and distinct answers. Some peoples’ definition is biblically-based. Some base theirs on the qu’ran. Some according to mythology, ancient customs or even more recently, neighborhood customs. However the case, family is the central unit to any society, and ours in the United States in 2010 is no different.

I have observed some interesting dynamics within the family unit structure in my 31 years. I’ve seen a great number of people represent four generations in my lifetime. And it is interesting (to say the least) how morals change (read: ERODE), values, beliefs, standards, gender roles and everything else has changed generation to generation (generally speaking) since The Great Depression. The earliest of the four generations I’m referring to were mostly born slightly before or during that 1929-1939 period.

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