OMW’s Ode to Beisbol

Michael Writes

OMW’s Ode to Beisbol

M.D. Wright



I’ll never understand why people do not like baseball. But I guess it is much like chess, or anything else that requires thinking and strategic planning — which is inherently lost on 90% of people under age 25 anyway — but I digress.


I grew up playing every possible sport there was, as long as we had the equipment (or reasonable facsimiles therein) to do so. Basketball was natural, because my dad took me to the court with him from the time I could even toss the ball, through the time I could even make it reach the rim, until I became the long-distance maven that I became, before refining my game as I got into my late teens and early 20s. I was never tall enough (5’10”) to play shooting guard, couldn’t stay healthy enough (almost died after my 11th…

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