My Personal Top 200 Albums

Michael Writes

My Personal Top 200 Albums

M.D. Wright


I did one of these earlier after my sun Askia tagged me in a note prompting me to do so. But you know I love these music-themed columns whenever I’m prompted to write them. However, I want to throw a caveat in here. The initial note indicated that I should pick TWENTY (20) All-Time Top Albums. I just cannot do that. I had almost 1,000 cassettes, CDs and a couple of vinyls (back in the day). Most of that was burned, lost or stolen, but I was able to retrieve and/or buy most of it. And I’ve downloaded thousands more in the past 3-4 years. I have over 4,500 albums in full by hundreds of artists. How am I supposed to narrow it down to 20 ha? Heck, even 100 is tough. So I’m gonna do 200.

I may do another one…

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