Marriage, What Is It Good For?

Michael Writes

Marriage, What Is It Good For?

M.D. Wright



Alright, I am fresh off some very interesting conversations… actually I did more “mmmhmmming” and “uhhh huhing” than talking. I just listened. Also, after listening to the news today, I heard the statistic that one in four New Yorkers (New York City, that is) has herpes. That is roughly TWO MILLION PEOPLE in a city of over eight million. Personally, that is not a shock. Most other New Yorkers agree that it is not shocking. Others have been shocked. I bring this up with good reason, which will make sense further along in the column. The more disturbing part of that statistic is that some of the very people who react with shock and awe have the disease themselves (since 90% of the people who carry the virus don’t even know they have it).

Nevertheless, the subject of the conversations…

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