Cheating: Not Wavy

Michael Writes

Cheating: Not Wavy

 M.D. Wright



You know how it is with me, the simplest conversation will turn into a column. While I leave peoples’ names and third-party personal business out of my writing, if you screw me over in this particular department, the situation won’t be spared — although I have class enough not to say your name. Nevertheless, we somehow sauntered on to this discussion in a chat window tonight, and it caused me to stop and think.




I thought for .004 seconds.




I don’t care what your baby fava did to you while you were pregnant with the third child he’s had with you (out of wedlock, no less), what does that have to do with me? I’ve never cheated on any woman I’ve ever been with. Never plan to, either. It isn’t even really…

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