2011 Characterization of NFL Fans

Michael Writes

Characterization of NFL Fans
M.D. Wright

  • – Edited: 7.15.2014

We know who the worst fans are in the NFL (Eagles fans) and we know the best (Giants, Packers, Raiders), but in order to be even-keeled with the comparisons and how to arrive at who’s the best or the worst, let’s revisit an old column from 2006, which was revised in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and again in 2014: The Updated Characterization of NFL Fans.

AFC East.
Buffalo Bills.
These guys love their Bills. Everyone at their games is fat, if you’ve noticed. And why not? There’s nothing to do that far upstate but stare at Niagara Falls, EAT, tip cows, EAT, drink beer, EAT, watch football, EAT and watch the Sabres. … AND EAT. They’re loyal, though.

The Bills had been horrible for the past decade and you would not have known (relative to the sometimey…

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