The Most Annoying Fans in Baseball

Michael Writes

The Most Annoying Fans in Baseball

M.D. Wright



When you are a diehard fan who watches nearly every game that your team plays, you run the gamut when it comes to annoying fans in baseball. Some teams just don’t have any (or small pockets of very few) annoying fans. Some teams have nothing BUT annoying fans. Either way, your stomach turns just the same whenever you encounter these types.


1. Post-1996 and All Bandwagon New York Yankee Fans.

These are possibly the most annoying people who pass themselves off as fans in ANY sport, particularly if they are over the age of 25. And there are many of them. A great majority of them don’t live in the New York metropolitan area, never lived here, never even BEEN here. Some of them came along after the 1996 World Series. Worse yet, some of them only came…

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