Your Cross is Always for Someone Else’s Benefit

Michael Writes

Your Cross is Always for Someone Else’s Benefit 

M.D. Wright



This is never something you want to hear when you are in the midst of dealing with whatever trial you are facing at the moment, because even as a seasoned “endurer”, you just want the experience to pass as quickly as possible with as little collateral damage as possible. However, when your perspective shifts from “Ugh, when will this END???” to “To think, after I overcome this, I can help at least one other person — and maybe many others — overcome the same, and more”, you gain a different vantage point on what you’re going through and WHY.


Even your foolish “YOLO” moments can accomplish this reality, although they care certainly not advisable.


After having a veritable “Midas Touch” for most of my life when it came to academics, sports/athleticism and a young…

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