Why Marrying a Wise (Not “Smart”) Woman is Prudent

Michael Writes

Why Marrying a Wise (Not “Smart“) Woman is Prudent

 M.D. Wright


Some would suggest, “Aren’t ALL women wise?” or “Who WOULDN’T want to marry such a woman, anyway?”


Wisdom isn’t as prevalent as (un)common sense. Despite the oxymoron, there are wise women out there. I know several personally (who wants to surround themselves with dumb women, anyway?) My mother is one of them. Several of the ladies in the churches I’ve grown in are wise, and have helped me along the way. Most of my female friends are awash in wisdom. Several of them have shared their nuggets of wisdom with me over the years — often when I needed a swift kick in the nalgas or a fulfilling encouraging word tinged with the proper amount of “tough love”; something that is appreciated by a man who is rough around the…

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