The Comfort Zone

Michael Writes

The Comfort Zone
M.D. Wright

Listen up.

Everyone’s been hurt in relationships. If you live long enough, you will be also, Ms. Nuh-Uh-Nuh-Uhhhh-Not-Me!-I-Don’t-Take-Shit-Off-NO-MAN!

Either that, of you’ll become an Old Maid.

Some people believe in Fairy Tales. Others believe those Hollywood-concocted Chick Flicks are a microcosm of romance in real life. Others think they are supposed to be above ever being hurt. Others idealize “love” and think that it happens overnight.

Rome wasn’t built overnight, nor was your life before you met that person, nor will any relationship that you enter into. Accept it and adjust accordingly.

Too often, you see people — mostly women, but men do it also — who meet someone one day, and before the week is out, they’re already moved in, giving each other the keys to their (or their mother’s) apartment or house. They’re sharing toothbrushes, she’s wearing his old stretched-out college…

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