The Christmas Tree Analogy

Michael Writes

The Christmas Tree Analogy

M.D. Wright



You can date and sleep around all you want, it’s your life, your conscience, and your turn on That Day to give an account. However, if a man says that he would rather live the Bachelor Life over being with a loving, trusting wife and family, he’s either lying or seriously misguided.  Some never feel compelled to live the Bachelor Life at all, and don’t. Some do so because they see no viable options to build with amongst the women in their periphery. Others think it makes them a man if they can wake up and tell them and their “boys” that they’ve slept with half of the campus, church congregation or neighborhood. The common denominator is that they all get tired of it eventually. It is just a matter of being honest with one’s self when that specific, “There has to…

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