Intentional Men vs. Your Baby Daddy

Michael Writes

Intentional Men vs. Your Baby Daddy
M.D. Wright

* – Edited: 7.15.2014

… Because there IS a difference…

All day long I have to listen to several different women bitch and moan about men. It wears on me. At times, these delusional off-hand diatribes that I am subjected to (what am I, the magistrate’s office? I couldn’t care less about your relationships strug-a-leeeeeng) spark the status updates that some of you are aghast to read in the evening sometimes. Listen, enough is enough at those times, and I must vent in order to avoid pulling a Santonio Holmes.

Intentional men (Read: NOT Svengali types, playboys INTENT on smashing everything in sight, etc.) do not comport themselves in the same manner as the guys who donated their spermatozoom unto you freely. You made that choice. You knew there were red flags about him (you always do, save  the bullshit…

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