“Top” 5 Douchiest Colleges in America

Michael Writes

“Top” 5 Douchiest Colleges in America

M.D. Wright



Everyone knows that classic douche — the person (male or female) who goes on incessantly about their college or university, the school’s academic reputation, the school’s athletics, the level of prestige, (biased) rankings in meaningless publications and the veritable Who’s Who of alumni and guest speakers at commencement. Ho-hum. I’m gonna rank ’em for you right here.


And yes, I know at least one to as many as dozens of people from each school I’m listing.


SIDE NOTE: This is all in fun, no need for hate mail and 50 1,100 YouTube clips of how Team A beat Team B in a nondescript game back in 1988, when no one outside of the supporters of either schools knows/cares.


1. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (New York, New York).


The thing about schools and their student body is that a…

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