A Law Degree in 2011: What is the Worth?

Michael Writes

A Law Degree in 2011: What is the Worth?

M.D. Wright



There was a time that fulfilling the curricula for a law degree (Juris Doctorate, or J.D. for short, or LL.M., Master of Laws) was a guarantee for future success. After all, there are a multitude of arenas through which you can ply your craft with such a degree:


— Real Estate


— Sports & Entertainment


— Any Major Corporation


— Private Practice


… and so on.


However, since the Great Depre… *ehem* …RECESSION took hold, even law graduates and newly-minted attorneys who have crossed the bar in their respective states are all finding just as many hurdles to cross in order to secure employment in their field. Only medicine appears to be virtually unaffected by the recession.


After all, people are always going to be sick, right?


At any…

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