The Christmas Tree Analogy

The Christmas Tree Analogy

M.D. Wright



You can date and sleep around all you want, it’s your life, your conscience, and your turn on That Day to give an account. However, if a man says that he would rather live the Bachelor Life over being with a loving, trusting wife and family, he’s either lying or seriously misguided.  Some never feel compelled to live the Bachelor Life at all, and don’t. Some do so because they see no viable options to build with amongst the women in their periphery. Others think it makes them a man if they can wake up and tell them and their “boys” that they’ve slept with half of the campus, church congregation or neighborhood. The common denominator is that they all get tired of it eventually. It is just a matter of being honest with one’s self when that specific, “There has to be more to this whole thing” feeling sets in. Some ignore it and continue in their ways. Some look for a transition from the Bachelor Life. Others have to be hit over the head with a frying pan to leave it; as the right woman for them hits their lives like a Mack Truck.


Once you transition from the Bachelor Life to a life where responsibility extends from shortsighted and selfish personal interests to those of another life/lives, and you have a discerning eye for the right woman, she can even stand out like the present that you just KNOW is yours underneath the Christmas Tree before you even see who it’s addressed to. You can pick it out of 50 others, all nicely wrapped, worthwhile gifts to someone, but the one for you just has a particular “It” element that gives off a certain blinker that indicates that it is yours. You walk up and confirm it, despite the others possibly being good as well.


Such is the case when the elders tell you “You know that you know that you JUST KNOW”. If a man lives long enough, and isn’t completely blinded by sexual lust and selfish ambition, he will experience this. If he experiences it and turns away, he’ll go back to the Bachelor Life, trying to convince himself that he loves it because it’s “safe”, only to wake up being able to say (to no one’s concern or care in the world) that he’s slept with 79 — or 20,000, yeah, I’m going there, because he admitted this shortly before he died — and regret that he never settled on one; realizing that the love, trust and support from one woman surpasses 20,000 8-second climaxes of pleasure.


And with that moment of lucidity and candor from Wilt, who’s certainly bagged more women than any of these clowns who think that sleeping around makes them more of a “man”, you can certainly see that while not everyone is intended to marry, a man is much better off (and stands the best chance to fulfill his ultimate purpose in this life) when he not only marries… but marries the RIGHT woman… and is faithful to her. No, monogamy is not innate. It is not for any man. We are born into sin. Monogamy is learned. Being a loving husband and father is a learned trait — which is all the more reason why boys need their fathers to not only be present, but preSENT this example — and there, a legacy can develop. My father set a legacy for me, and I am not only obligated, but cheerfully intend to continue it. I only wish that this was the cherished part of manhood, and not seeing how many slags one can sleep with (and contract STDs from, or unwanted children with), only to keep a tick sheet that ultimately, no one cares about in the end.


This is one of the few times where mathematics gets turned on its ear: 1 >>> 20,000.



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