‘Last Resort’ Cancellation: Shawn Ryan Reflects On The End Of The Show

This show is too good to be cut. Great acting, great veteran actors, great concept. But you are targeting a demographic that has 1) NFL Thursday Night Football and 2) NBA on TNT that appeal to them first and foremost over almost any TV show — much less a new one. Just not a bright move to air this show on Thursdays out of the gate. Let it build a following on a Friday or Saturday (yeah, I know ratings valleys), and THEN move it to Thursday, but this was a fail from the start. Add to that, it is disjointed with the two shows that run behind it, and you are going to have a disparity in viewership one way or another. A heavily male-leaning 18-49 show like Last Resort, hard hitting at 8 PM, and then follow up with two shows that really appeal to the 18-49 female demographic. You lose the 18-49 male after Last Resort, and the (majority) of 18-49 female demographic will just stall until 9 PM to tune in to Grey’s and Scandal. Didn’t make sense. I watched the entire season of Last Resort on DVR after the NBA and NFL games completed, and I’m sure I’m not the only one in the “target demographic” who did.
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