A Call to Action

A Call to Action

M.D. Wright



My fellow Americans… let me be clear, this nation will never again be great until our citizens actually produce goods and services again; we have declined rapidly in doing so over the past decade or so.


This will not matter regardless of who is in the White House. The office itself is to be respected, however; not only does this nation need to produce commodities and other goods that can increase the GDP/GNP overall, those commodities and goods must be DESIRED by someone else abroad, who believes that buying from us is more beneficial and cost efficient than the means by which they have come by these goods since the mid-1990s.


This is not about who occupies the office of the President of the United States. This is about the welfare of the citizens of the United States of America. Having roughly half of the American populace relegated to subsistence level living (dramatically decreased pay, even down to none at all in some cases, dependency on public assistance programs for those who deemed it unfit for themselves except situations of last resort, and the mindset that often follows prolonged dependence on each) is not exactly conducive to development of businesses of all sorts, as our technologies continue to burgeon (and the United States continue to fall behind other countries in the development therein). Nor is the banking/loans to small businesses crunch. Nor are millions of wrecked credit scores, which have occurred mostly in the past 3-4 years.


Surely, we cannot expect a nation that is plunging into monumental debts, deficits, individual financial nadirs… coupled with exponential cost of living increases, stagnated incomes, or completely reduced and/or lost incomes altogether, and a drain of entrepreneurial energy being channeled into abject Survivor Mode living to produce such innovations that will make this nation and its citizens into a prosperous one again in the near future. No amount of promises and rhetoric will change this bottom line fact.


I only wish I shared the unadulterated and boundless sense of encouragement and optimism of those who have relentlessly, steadfastly (and the determination thereof, which shows the sticktuitiveness that is going to be required from each of us, when channeled properly — which is the key operative phrase) supported the current regime, as it extends into a second term. I honestly cannot say that I share this same unmovable and optimistic outlook, as many of those who possess and demonstrate these traits are those who have gone from once-comfortable and budding lifestyles, to abject poverty, total reliance upon public assistance, a wrecked drive and ability to focus on their ultimate passions and respective purposes in life, to become comfortable in allowing others to control how they think and live on a daily basis. No amount of government initiative will right the ship, when American people — in large numbers — have embraced a mindset that is antithetical to the achievement of what we ultimately need to do as a nation. Does not matter if President Obama is in office, JFK, Roosevelt, Reagan each come out of their graves and pick up where they once left off, along with Truman, or even if Clinton were to finagle his way back into the White House through some legislative act, enabling him to undo what led to our nation’s undoing (NAFTA) while also doing what he is most beloved for accomplishing — balancing the national budget.


I sure do hope that I, along with many of the people that I know personally who have spent 90% of the past four years struggling in unprecedented fashion, when the absolute converse was true for many of us prior to 2008. This is not to suggest that any ONE president is responsible for these issues, as this cannot be so — much like one president cannot be credited with repairing the lives of individuals. Change begins with individuals. It becomes a sweeping success when each is held accountable and collectively share in the mindset.


Living (unemployment benefits and SSI) check to check is not the way, nor is collecting public assistance benefits. Those who pompously believe — even after the massive job losses in the past four year — that they are unable to lose their jobs, and those who do not have jobs (or businesses) are simply not working hard enough, will have to face a cold reality: there are new laws and initiatives on the books that will force companies to slash spending on new hires, reduce healthcare offerings and necessitate spending to recoup the losses.


Who do you think will foot that bill (Hint: It won’t be those whose wealth many want to be spread to all, as the laws are structured to protect this from happenings — as there are loopholes galore that allow for the mega-wealthy to funnel dollars in order to avoid being taxed to the hilt)? And if the people who foot that bill continue to incur losses in quality of life, income and collateral, how possibly, can these costs be paid? I cannot help but notice that many who are reveling the loudest are content to draw SS checques, are resigned to merely surviving via public assistance and continue to watch their dreams and passions be out of reach, solely because there are no jobs or means to secure loans to start businesses, in order to earn the capital necessary to make those dreams a reality.


Kudos to those who manage to fulfill their purpose and realize their dreams despite being relegated to such an existence; you are better than me, as I want more — especially when I once had more — both in jobs and in entrepreneurial income. Feel free to enlighten me on how you have succeeded in pulling yourselves from the muck and mire that is abject poverty, or have managed to dull your senses and not be angry that your situation will not change, regardless of political promises and rhetoric from any of the people aiming to be president of the United States. If you and I don’t begin producing things that people outside of the United States want, no one short of God would be successful in changing the direction in which our nation’s economy is currently  headed (and has been for nearly 25 years, to be honest).


We are the United — UNITED — States of America. I couldn’t care less about who gays and lesbians want to marry. Let them. I have my own life to give an account for. I don’t care about automakers who produce junk that is intentionally designed to fail just as their warranties expire. I certainly couldn’t care less about Wall Street snobs who sincerely and patently believe they are superior to other New Yorkers solely because of the money that they move around from 9 am until 4 pm daily. But if you and I don’t figure out how to produce something worthwhile other than trashy television, even trashier music and concocted (and sadly, gullible Americans buy into it) partisan politics, we will individually and collectively be responsible for our own peril.


America — as a slight majority — has gotten what  she wants, will we enjoy a resurgence and return to the halcyon days that some of us once enjoyed, even less than a decade ago… much less that of our grandparents under (Democrat — for those keeping tally at home) Harry S. Truman, or will we spiral toward the peril that we were rollicking forward into as the 1970s plunged forward under BOTH Democratic and Republican presidents?


Or worse, are we becoming so ignorant to this same, redundant bottom line that supersedes all of the rhetoric, stubborn parroting of baseless and patent falsities promoted by politicians and those who serve as their unconditional supporters that has pushed us to the brink where we may never recover — leading to what some people belonging to certain faiths believe will usher in those seemingly unfathomable “stories” and “prophecies” that we shuddered in horror reading in Revelation in our childhood, thinking that we would never see any of it come to pass in our lifetimes…


… only to see it do so. AND QUICKLY, at that?


It starts with you. Not President Barack Obama or any politician, MSNBC, FOX News or any other controlled/agenda-driven media source that brainwashes people into the way they should conduct their individual lives. Sadly, for many, they have become reprobate with regards to this mind control. Fortunately, not everyone is beholden to folly and understands what each of us needs to do: cut out the rhetoric, stop uttering baseless claims (or promoting out and out lies altogether, regardless of party leanings) and get to work finding out why the United States is falling behind a different nation every year in every important category fiscally, academically, technologically and otherwise — moreso than the Tortoise did with Bugs Bunny in the cartoons that we’ve all enjoyed… since we were initially at such an impasse as a nation in the 1940s.


The tortoise always won, eventually. But he did so at a deliberate pace, and always forward. He did not merely speak “forward” and every action on his part demonstrated nothing but backward progress. There is a very healthy triple entendre there for those who are keen enough to get it. I feel like those who are able to deduce the message are the very ones who will spearhead the efforts necessary by us all, regardless of what their social and fiscal leanings may consist of.


The rest of you are hopeless. And I will not apologize for saying as much.


God speed to you all, regardless. If I did not possess the love and compassion for people unconditionally, I would have never stopped to write this urging (and admonition/unction/call to action).


Enough talking. Go. And DO.




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