The Most Annoying Fans in Baseball

The Most Annoying Fans in Baseball

M.D. Wright



When you are a diehard fan who watches nearly every game that your team plays, you run the gamut when it comes to annoying fans in baseball. Some teams just don’t have any (or small pockets of very few) annoying fans. Some teams have nothing BUT annoying fans. Either way, your stomach turns just the same whenever you encounter these types.


1. Post-1996 and All Bandwagon New York Yankee Fans.

These are possibly the most annoying people who pass themselves off as fans in ANY sport, particularly if they are over the age of 25. And there are many of them. A great majority of them don’t live in the New York metropolitan area, never lived here, never even BEEN here. Some of them came along after the 1996 World Series. Worse yet, some of them only came along after the 2009 World Series, and claimed to have loved baseball their entire lives and are in their 30s? If that doesn’t smell foul, then I don’t know what does. They are the ones always running around bragging about “27 rings”, when, in reality, if they’ve even witnessed more than one of them, they weren’t around when the Yanks were losing, and do not have anything to contribute in the way of game talk during games in the regular season, yet pop up out of nowhere, as if on cue, as soon as October 1 rolls around annually.


Worse yet, they were not around in 1986, or 1990 — the absolute nadir of Yankees baseball post-Steinbrenner. Not only that, they cannot name anyone on that 1990 team. Meanwhile, I, and people like me, had baseball cards of half of the Yanks’ roster that year — and actually watched several of them play in Class-A baseball before they eventually became stars in the 1990s.


2. New York Yankees Haters.

They come in all shapes, sizes, inferiority complexes and what have you. They are collectively Red Sox fans, Orioles fans, Rays fans, Mets fans (not all, but many), and the outta town yokel who hates New York, and hates to see a team that wins frequently — well — continue to win. They don’t even like baseball, or have a favorite team, but go out of their way to hate the Yankees, and their fans.


3. Boston Red Sox Fans.

They think the world revolves around them. They play the “woe is me” angle, and think everyone is out to get them and their beloved Red Sox. These are typically miserable people, as their entire lives are dictated on the (mostly meager) fortunes of the Red Sox. Worse yet, they like to shout down the achievements of other teams whenever they have the opportunity.


4. New York Mets Fans.

Not all of them — particularly those who were around in 1986, and especially those who were around in 1969. They’re just frustrated.


But those who are under the age of 30, who are mostly Mets fans because their parent(s) or grandparent(s), aunt(s) or uncle(s) were — or only pull for the Mets because they hate the Yankees (usually for reasons that are contradictory at best, given that the Mets perennially spent just as much money as the Yankees do on their players) solely because of their success in the past 15 years.


5. Payroll Whiners.

These are fans of small-market teams whose owners get money from the Top 5-7 spending teams in baseball, but choose to pocket it and not reinvest it into acquiring winning players. This fact is usually lost on Payroll Whiners. Others know that their team doesn’t spend money on players, and choose to just whine about payroll at every turn, even when completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. Alex Rodriguez earns $30 million in 2012, two of the clutchest players on the Yankees don’t even make one-third of what Alex Rodriguez makes. They don’t let this fact get in the way, however.




Philadelphia Phillies Fans.

Newfangled Texas Rangers Fans.

Atlanta Braves Fans (for only showing up when their teams make the playoffs, otherwise Turner Field is always empty).

Baltimore Orioles Fans (same as Braves fans; just MANY FEWER playoff appearances in the past 20 years).

Washington Nationals Fans.

Tampa Bay Rays Fans (same as Braves fans).



Toronto Blue Jays Fans.

Arizona Diamondbacks Fans.

Detroit Tigers Fans.

St. Louis Cardinals Fans.

Milwaukee Brewers Fans.

Chicago Cubs Fans.

Cincinnati Reds Fans.



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