Help OMW Understand, Vol. II

Help OMW Understand, Vol. II 

M.D. Wright



I’ll never understand this one.


Oh, I get the rationalizations and justifications galore, but it all rings like anything that comes out of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s mouths — BULLSHIT.


“This one”? Women who — many, actually — who seemingly go out of their way to befriend not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven, but TONS of gay dudes.




What are you trying to prove? I can understand the friend that you’ve genuinely always had; the flamboyant one who enjoys the “girly” things that you may be into. I cannot (rather, don’t want to) understand how you can talk about you both sucking dick or taking it up the ass just the same, but then again, that’s why the column series is titled thus. I rhetorically “want to know”, but I’d rather not; aside from my suspicions.


Additionally, those of you who use these gay dudes as “shields” against the (more imagined than real) “wolves” amongst straight men, are embarrassing. The question is, why encourage it so vehemently? Why are you — mostly straight women — the most vocal proponents of gay rights? Would you be if you got locked up and had to do time with the C-Block Bertha who will inevitably turn you out and make you back off all that vehemence?


Didn’t think you would.


But nevertheless, I have no problem with gays. Really don’t — aside from the ones who try to play the fence… the “down low” unsuspected gay dudes who screw around with women, but also fuck men… spreading disease and what not. The flamboyant ones are actually pretty cool as they are usually respectful. I hear dudes complain about them trying to “convert” straight dudes, or what have you, but they know who’s dead ass straight and clitly, and who is one of those Brown Snatch niggas on the low. You won’t ever hear me complain about gays or their lifestyle. I got my own shit to answer for at Judgment, I have no time to be trying to proselytize people when they have access to the same Bible that I have. If they choose to live their lives that way, and I, previous to my recent celibacy, was just as sinful in sleeping around (although anyone who wants to be honest knows that God would have even rathered that the man in that One Particular Story in Sodom and Gomorrah had “fornicated” with women than to have gone off and allowed those guys to gang rape him, as they were seeking to do), then ultimately, it is not my call. Do as you please, knowing that you have to answer for you, and I have to answer for me.


While I don’t think anything of it when women have a couple of gay dudes as friends, those whose ENTIRE MALE FRIEND CONSTITUENCY are gay dudes — SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU.


Please enlighten us as to why you do this, and why you even encourage this behavior, why disavowing God-designed “Typical Male Behavior” which is thus, for good reason.


We are dying to know.




Straight Men Everywhere.


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