The Fifth Deadly Sin of Sloth and the Connection to Today’s Economy

The Fifth Deadly Sin of Sloth and the Connection to Today’s Economy

M.D. Wright



First of all, you’re probably like “WHAT IN GODS NAME???” with this column entry and the title itself, but this is not tongue-in-cheek (completely.


What is Sloth?

Sloth is laziness, especially spiritual laziness. Sloth can be an attitude of procrastination; it can be the kind of laziness which shows disregard for the importance of others. Sloth is putting physical comfort before spiritual work.


Sloth is spiritual laziness which is a way of disrespecting God. Sloth means not being diligent in spiritual matters, like neglecting daily prayers, never reading the Bible or practicing devotions, and not paying attention at church. Sloth is the act of not feeding the soul.


Two Kinds of Sloth

Sloth doesn’t pertain only to spiritual matters, however. It can involve physical matters, too.


Sloth is spending an unbalanced amount of time doing nothing or doing only trivial things. Sloth is always wanting to “take it easy,” and never go out of the comfort zone.


Sloth is not considering making a sacrifice for someone else; not paying attention to the needs of the others. In short, sloth is irresponsible: it’s an aversion to physical and spiritual work.


How This Relates to the Forced (Let’s Be Real, We Know That the “Powers That Be” are Willfully Not Creating Jobs) Unemployment of Today

There are NUMEROUS people who have been unemployed for more than a year, two, even three, four, and FIVE PLUS years. Many of these people have numerous forms of academic success and a multitude of experience. For many, if you do not have any kind of connection inside a company, you are going to get lost in the wash of all the other applicants. After a few weeks or months of this, the typical cycle of depression, anger, anxiety, bursts of energy, apathy and restlessness set in. If nothing arises after a while, complete apathy can set in.


When you have been unemployed for over a year, and definitely over two or three years, if one is not careful, SLOTHFULNESS can creep in. The reason it is deadly is because it pushes people into a “get over” mentality, which is news to the ears of a desperate, apathetic and lacking individual. Lump the tens of thousands of people who become unemployed every day in the United States, and there is no wonder why a great number of HEINOUS crimes has escalated both in number viciousness/ridiculousness over the past five years; the period of time over which the number of job losses has been unparalleled in this nation’s history.


The old adage, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” does have merit; as people who commit such sociopathic and pathological crimes are OFTEN people who have been idle and/or unemployed for long periods of time. Think of all the serial killers. Think of what happened with the notorious Colin Ferguson in the previous year before his killing spree, and numerous other cases.


It is important to remain busy and avoid idleness, it is also important that everyone WORK; especially men — for physical, mental, sociological AND spiritual reasons.


Avoid a person who does not work, it could cost you more than you have bargained.


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