2012 NFL Preseason Standings Predictions

2012 NFL Preseason Standings Predictions 

M.D. Wright



Against my better judgment, I’m going to buck my longstanding trend of not predicting the playoffs… nah… I can’t. I don’t want to jinx my guys (even though I am not superstitious one bit). However, as Training Camps get underway tomorrow, it’s time to roll these babies out like a hood rat coming out of Drew-Hamilton on a summer day on the 1st of the month.



NFC East

NY Giants               13-3

Dallas                     10-6

Philadelphia             9-7

Washington             8-8


NFC North

Green Bay              12-4

Detroit                   11-5

Chicago                   9-7

Minnesota              3-13


NFC South

Carolina                 10-6

Atlanta                    9-7

New Orleans           8-8

Tampa Bay            6-10


NFC West

San Francisco       10-6

Seattle                   9-7

Arizona                  9-7

St. Louis               3-13




AFC East

New England         13-3

Buffalo                    9-7

NY Jets                  6-10

Miami                     6-10


AFC North

Baltimore              12-4

Pittsburgh            11-5

Cincinnati               7-9

Cleveland             3-13


AFC South

Indianapolis          9-7

Tennessee           9-7

Houston               8-8

Jacksonville         7-9


AFC West

Oakland              11-5

San Diego           11-5

Denver                 8-8

Kansas City        6-10




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