2012 MLB Playoff Predictions

2012 MLB Playoff Predictions 

M.D. Wright



The MLB Division and Wild Card chases are taking form, and the stretch run is upcoming. I’ve said for years, games 90-110 show you who everyone is. The impostors get exposed, the cream rises to the top, regardless of injuries. We will see what happens, but these are my thoughts at this point.



AL East

NY Yankees           101-61

Baltimore                 88-74

Tampa Bay              87-75

Toronto                   80-82

Boston                    79-83


AL Central

Detroit                    90-72

Cleveland               85-77

Chicago                  85-77

Kansas City            69-93

Minnesota              66-96


AL West

Texas                    98-64

Oakland                 92-70

Los Angeles           92-70

Seattle                   74-88




NL East

Atlanta                   91-71

Washington           90-72

NY Mets                 81-81

Miami                     79-83

Philadelphia           77-85


NL Central

Pittsburgh              90-72

Cincinnati               89-73

St. Louis                88-74

Milwaukee              79-83

Chicago                  70-92

Houston               59-103


NL West

San Francisco        94-68

Los Angeles           90-72

Arizona                  84-78

San Diego              71-91

Colorado                63-99




Angels secure second wild card, face Yankees in ALDS. Angels win ALDS 3-1.

Rangers face Tigers, Tigers win ALDS 3-2

Angels face Tigers, Angels win ALCS 4-2.



Nationals secure second wild card, face Pirates. Pirates win NLDS 3-2.

Nationals face Giants, Giants win NLDS 3-1.

Pirates face Braves, Pirates win NLDS 3-2

Giants face Pirates, Giants win NLCS 4-3.



Angels face Giants, Angels win WS 4-2.



One thought on “2012 MLB Playoff Predictions

  1. JulieTorrentino August 10, 2012 / 9:26 AM

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