Dispelling the “Mystery”

Dispelling the “Mystery”

M.D. Wright


Real brief, because I swear I get asked this question on the low by a woman at least once a week, “Well, how is it that you’re still single???”

Not my choice. The “Bachelor Life” never has appealed to me, but you make of it what you can while keeping an eye out for the Right One — unless you want to be like Wilt (and he himself admitted that the pursuit of smashing 20,000 women was empty compared to what could have been with ONE woman).

I was deathly ill in high school and not only forced to give up all sports, but nearly died before my 12th grade year.

Upon release from the hospital, after having a cyst removed from the base of my skull — that could have ruptured and poisoned my blood stream and immediately killed me — I began college. I was forced to withdraw from school after the first year against my volition, and hence was not around any females my age for years to come. Only now am I around women my age, and it’s completely different from being around 18, 19  year olds with no children and fewer scars from life, versus women in their early to mid 30s, mostly all with children and wary/cynical more than ever.

After I withdrew as a freshman in college, I immediately went into Corporate America, where I worked for nearly seven years before finally being on solid enough financial footing to pay for school out of pocket. By this point, I was 26 years of age and certainly never around any women my age (although having a few more material things and an obvious maturity advantage over the younger men in college was advantageous for other reasons, that got old quickly). The only women my age were the kooky ones in church — and none of the ones I knew of were the types you could develop any meaningful foundation with.

Upon completion of those 4 1/2 years in school, I came back to New York, and have been working like a slave, or working like a slave trying to hustle or find a job that I haven’t even had time to meet anyone. The only women I see are the ones I work with and go to school with. The former are obviously off limits (“Don’t $#1% Where You Eat/Sleep”), and I no longer work there. The latter were not exactly attractive in my eyes. I’ve gained a lot of female friends, but everyone is so busy and no one wants anything more than a fling nowadays. I thought I was on my way to something special a couple of years ago, but it was a mirage. I was certainly ready to forsake all other women by that point. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to meet anyone worthwhile.

I refuse to use those dating sites.

Hope that clears the air once and for all.

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