“This Puts Things Into Perspective”

“This Puts Things Into Perspective” 

M.D. Wright



How often do we hear this? Once a week? Once an hour? After a while, a wise person stops and asks, “Why do we have to keep putting things into perspective? When can we just get it, and get it GOOD, once and for all?” I reached that point a good 7, 8 years ago and I cringe whenever I hear (especially the same people) utterances of the phrase.



— Someone die in tragic fashion (i.e. drunk driving, drug overdose, ignoring mental illness, etc.) before it’s taken seriously?


— Someone get a report that they have HIV or some other irreversible sexually transmitted disease, before they listen to what they were taught when they were TWELVE?


— Someone get paralyzed on the football field as a result of a hit that ESPN and others celebrate (when the player(s) involved actually DON’T  end up paralyzed.


— A relative pass away in your family, years after you last spoke to them over a worthless grudge, before you make sincere, concerted efforts to see, spend time and get to know your family?


— Someone lose their job and lose the material wealth that they flaunt around to impress and condescend toward others with, before they willfully adapt an even-keeled and more humble demeanor instead?


And so on…


Hate the phrase. Learn from others’ mistakes and don’t repeat (negative) history.



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