2012 NBA Player Poll: Your Favorite NBA Announcer

2012 NBA Player Poll: Your Favorite NBA Announcer

M.D. Wright



Sports Illustrated polled today’s current NBA players and asked them who their favorite announcers were. Of course you know, when they’re not playing, they’re either at games live, at the club or smashing broads at some swanky hotel. However, when they do watch games, here are the guys they voted for.


It should be noted that Barkley is not an announcer, except once in a blue moon (and awful at it; although his carefree attitude with words is what makes people like him), and apparently these guys have not watched many games on TV since about 2006.


And with Mike Tirico, Company Man (when he’s not on MSG for the Knicks) Mike Breen and other annoying characters such as Reggie Miller, can you blame them? However, half these guys aren’t even broadcasting this year, and some of them are just reporters or local guys. Amazing.


These are the guys who received the most votes, from 1-15:

1. Charles Barkley.

2. Jeff Van Gundy.

3. Steve Kerr.

4. Reggie Miller.

5. Mike Breen.

6. Hubie Brown.

7. Marv Albert.

8. Bill Walton.

9. Shaquille O’Neal.

10. Walt Frazier.

11. Tommy Heinsohn.

12. Chris Webber.

13. Craig Sager.

14. George Blaha.

15. Mark Jackson.


If I were to make a list of 15, since 1990, it would be:


1. Marv Albert.

2. Hubie Brown.

3. Clyde Frazier.

4. Bob Costas.

5. Doug Collins.

6. Bill Walton.

7. Steve “Snapper” Jones.

8. Tom Heinsohn.

9. Stu Lantz.

10. Dick Stockton.

11. Jeff Van Gundy.

12. Mike Breen.

13. Calvin Murphy.

14. Gus Johnson.

15. Steve Martin.


FOR 2011-2012, I ONLY LIST FIVE:

1. Marv Albert.

2. Hubie Brown.

3. Jeff Van Gundy.

4. Clyde Frazier.

5. Stu Lantz.


The rest are annoying as hell this year.


BRING BACK BILL WALTON PLEASE! This was the WORST list in the HISTORY of Western Civilizationnnnnnnnnn-uh.



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