Housewarming Information

Housewarming Information

 M.D. Wright



Thanks to all who have purchased gifts to this point. While the registry is still up, I’m no longer soliciting any gifts at this time. The few minor things remaining can be purchased by me. If someone wants to, that’s fine. However, aside from the major items listed, I am about 95% there with the set up of the crib. At this point, for those who may have wanted to get something and felt the pinch of the economy (as us recent layoffs certainly have), gift cards are always fine.


Regarding a date for the party itself. Again, it’s not going to be anything major, as the summertime makes it difficult to pin down a date that works for everyone who wants to make it. In fact, I will be traveling extensively from the end of June until late October, so I am looking at June 23 as the only real feasible date. Father’s Day is the preceding weekend, and that’s out, and from the 30th of June through the rest of the 3rd quarter and even into October, I will be traveling nearly every weekend for business and personal leisure. If this date doesn’t come off, then I’ll just host a few gatherings periodically. It was my hope to avoid having a housewarming in the summertime, because I know that everyone’s travel schedules become complicated after everyone is out of school and has a bit of vacation time to use.


Beyond that, there will be no reason to have a housewarming here, as I am moving as soon as 2013 rolls in. My lease expires in January, but I am going to leave a couple of weeks on it once I find my new place (either a 2 or 3 BR), and there will be more room for parties in general, not just a housewarming.


Just a bit of FYI for those who have asked…


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