Enough Already!

Enough Already! 

M.D. Wright



This has been bothering me for years, because I see right through it. People will not like it, because it is not popular (read: brainwashed) opinion; especially non-Black people on Staten Island who probably still believe the boogeyman exists, much less the merits of what I’m about to discuss.


This whole “National Security”, “Serving to Protect Our Freedom” (an aside, I am not with the war, never have been, it’s a sham, but I have the UTMOST and THEN SOME for the men and women who risk their lives fighting in this farce of a “war”, especially given the lack of merit therein), “Protection from Terrorists” nonsense has got to stop. “They” put those boys through flight school, just well enough to get them to be able to fly planes, told them to fly them into the buildings, the story was concocted in fairy tale fashion, and VOILA! Now everyone believes all Arabs are terrorists, with all the news coverage in the years before and after the September 11 attacks, people believe it all the more. All most people see about Arabs is their fighting for some reason or another on the Nightly News, why would they question the media (lying) telling them that Arab terrorists were the cause for all those deaths on 9/11?


But even beyond that, is the systematic stripping of rights that has occurred since; all under the guise of “protecting us from terrorism” and “national security”.


Right, and a 140 pound boy beat down a 250 pound man, and was a threat to the neighborhood solely because he was Black and wore a hoodie.


If you believe this, I’ve got about 19 bridges to sell you, starting with the 145th St. Bridge over on Lenox.


Look at how little maneuverability and restrictions are placed upon us now with traveling. All the cameras everywhere, only instituted as a result of that farce of a war, and the laws that were passed under the guise of “protecting Americans.” It’s only getting worse, and people refuse to listen. It’s embarrassing that people refuse to open their eyes to anything.


I bet these same people believe the Loch Ness and Chupacabra are running rampant also SMH. I’m done.



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