Role Reversal: Women Who Ask Men Out (The Non-Slide Version)

Role Reversal: Women Who Ask Men Out (The Non-Slide Version)

M.D. Wright



This was actually a discussion at work with one of the bosses (believe it or not) recently. We live in this so-called “Progressive” society in this generation. I’m (mostly) wit it, but while many changes have been made — including the acceptance of Miss Independent, chivalry being trampled in favor of “equal rights”, and the narrowing of the gap in pay in the workplace. The latter was definitely necessary; as it is fair and logical. However, there is one area where the “Progression” and the advocates for it suddenly want to revert back to “Old Fashioned” ways:




Please view the following link and then come back for the rest of the column and comment:


Personally, I find it hilarious that the very proponents of the New Age Principles of the Independent Movement and Progressive Society (aka the New Age PIMP Society — yeah, I just made that up off the cuff) will want all the benefits of “Progression”, but are quick to want to revert to the Old School way of dating/courting; obviously because it relieves them of any chance of rejection and embarrassment — leaving men with the entire burden.


That’s fine. That’s fine. That’s fine. That’s fine. That’s fine.


I couldn’t care less in my own dating/courting life; some women are drawn to me and “just have to speak/get to know me”, others, I approach and show off my gentlemanly charm (no “game” — my life story is “game enough”) and I’ve been pressed (although they weren’t “thirsty”) by women to go out on dates. I didn’t mind. A confident and self-assured man shouldn’t be. But some men are put off by women who initiate contact and suggest dates. Some people will go the superspiritual (and erroneous) route and claim that women should NEVER ask men out. Our postmodern society tells women that accountability to themselves, friends, a man or relatives is optional-only, so it is easy to pass off any responsibility or risk of being vulnerable or rejected off on men, because you can always walk away sitting pretty — with the fate of a man (i.e. HIS BALLS IN A VISE) in the palm of your hands. I personally know some women who get off on shooting guys down and going out with their girls with the express purpose of doing so (and getting free drinks).


This is why I pity no woman in her 30s who whines about there being a supposed “dearth” of good men.


I disagree. You see someone you like, or think you might like, speaking to them and suggesting a date is not “too forward” nor “non-biblical”. Who knows if you’ll ever see that person again? That goes for both men AND women. Why risk never seeing them again to fall in line with some unfounded folly such as “women should not ask men out, PERIOD”?


Be wise, yes, but the only thing women SHOULDN’T be initiating is asking a man’s hand in marriage. That’s just not part of the game, B.




One thought on “Role Reversal: Women Who Ask Men Out (The Non-Slide Version)

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