Fact of Life

Fact of Life

 M.D. Wright



Life is dictated by a plethora of adages, axioms and a codified set of universal “rules” to which most people at least ascribe some merit. One that you will rarely hear anyone (especially Type A Alpha Males) utter is the fact that men cannot realise their ultimate potential in life without the right woman next to them. Oh yes, you can argue that Caligula did his thing, so did Caesar, so did most of the philandering Presidents of the United States and countless über-wealthy who appear to be doing just fine with concubines, mistresses and girlfriends half their age. The fact is, they are always exceptions to the rule. The Average Joes of this world can achieve a great deal on their own: with a part-time girlfriend, a few side joints and so forth. However, there is something to be said for a man who can live 85 years and reflect upon his 50+ years with his wife and admit that she ultimately made him better than he ever would have been on his own.


Hall of Fame New York Knicks great Harry Gallatin admits the same whenever he has spoken publicly about his career and his life after leaving Illinois to come to New York and play for the Knicks. Gallatin’s biography (as relates to this topic) reads this way: “On his first day at Northeast Missouri, he met a girl by the name of Bev. They were married about a year after college. He said he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish everything that he has in his life without her.”


That’s a major admission for a man to make, especially someone like Gallatin. Sure, there are politicians and others in the spotlight who make these statements, but cheat on them whenever the temptation arises, but there is something to be said for a man who realises the worth of his woman early on and maintains that respect and perspective for over 60 years.


Personally, this is my goal for the rest of my life. I’ve had my “fun”, the typical 20-something lifestyle of a guy with decent looks, smarts, overall versatility in numerous facets of life and living in the best city in the world.


I could continue living that life, and run the risk of getting caught in the gaffle by some chick who pinches rubbers or uses turkey basters, or contract some venereal disease, but what is the value in that? Even Wilt Chamberlain, a lifetime bachelor who famously claimed that he bedded over 20,000 women in his 63 years stated late in life that the fulfillment of potentially sharing a sexual livelihood with one woman would have exceeded that of a series of one-night stands, menage a trois and orgies. Most men fantasize about these things, some of us have done them (yawn) and if it’s on your bucket list, then so be it — no judgment here. But once you enter your 30s, you see an entire generation (and parts of a subsequent one) pass away, and you have a renewed sense of purpose — value our limited time on this planet and come to the realisation that Chamberlain only admitted near death — if you’re wise, you decide to make the necessary changes in order to align yourself with the type of qualities that men like Harry Gallatin and many others exude.


It is where I am, as I embark on my 33rd year of life on this planet. And after a decade of selfish (albeit many of them were career-focused, necessary, and integral in setting the foundation for a future family) pursuits, the time for OMW all day, every day have to come to an end. The lifestyle I have mostly lived since I was 21 is equivalent to the ratchet “Miss Independent” converse that plagues many women today. Rather than bemoan the proven dearth of true faithful/good women, it is prudent to actually be in position to RECEIVE one of those good women and then love, cherish and honor her once God blesses you with her.


In the meantime, the foundation will continue to be set so that my legacy can be extended in the coming months and years.


Note: The picture in the inset does not denote anything in particular, besides my acerbic, twisted wit — and in fact, I have honestly expanded my horizons to the point where I will not solely date Black women or Latinas.




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