A Little About Me and Why I Am a Nutcase/Corporate Hoodrat/Walking Contradiction of All SortsM.D. Wright

A Little About Me and Why I Am a Nutcase/Corporate Hoodrat/Walking Contradiction of All SortsM.D. Wright



There are people who you can read front to back, top to bottom, inside and out within an hour of meeting and talking with them. Then you have others who are so mysterious that you don’t find out (if ever) until 25 years later some of the things they were into and who they knew. Then you have kooks like me who contradict every stereotype, then turns around and validates others, while eventually leaving the palm readers in a flux — flustered to the point where they give up trying to place a label onto you.




I played sports year round, hung with others who played sports.

But then I would go read several books, gleefully, while my partners got into mischief.


I played in the band for years, and could read sheet music by age 8.

But spent more time soaking in the basics of meterology via The Weather Channel from 1986-1995 to the point where I know how to read almost everything on the weather/satellite maps.


I grew up in the Golden Age of Hip Hop, and had almost all the cassettes and CDs of the albums that dropped from 1985-2000.

But spent most of my teen years studying the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


I ran numbers, kept books, wagered money (lost tons), shot dice, smoked, drank.

But always knew when to pull back when the boys were busted selling drugs, shooting up spots and getting caught after pulling robberies.


I kept music and sports almanacs year round from 1989-1997, even after the advent of the internet, when information became available online.

But had such an elephant’s photographic memory, that I could (and still can) recall stats, particular games, player names, teams’ records and epic moments without ever writing them down.


I walk around “looking serious all the time” (as my friends say).

But I’m usually deep in thought at those moments, and am (except when I’m caught on the foul) one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.


I rock the same gear that you’ll see from most any other Black dude in Harlem wearing.

But I clean up well, and go out of my way to screw with people who deduce certain things about me because of my appearance (durag, fitted ball cap, construction boots, with slacks, shirt and tie and designer fashions — on the low, though).


I listen to DMX, Dipset, D. Block, NaS, Biggie, Boot Camp Clik, Mobb Deep.

But own every Bruce Springsteen record until 2010, every Aerosmith, every Madonna, every Prince album and most 80s pop records.


I can go shoot ball with the boys, go to the bar for a $100 tab (rare nowadays, as I’m wise with my dough) and watch sports literally from the time I get up until I go to bed (do lots of it in December through February on some weekends).

But can put each of them down for the right woman, as I have previously (although hopefully won’t have to in the future, as the right woman for me will HOPEFULLY love playing/watching sports ha).


I have a distinct aura and swagger, which leads people to believe I’m as dumb as two broken sticks.

But constantly amaze people who admittedly had me pegged as such (every college and job that I’ve been, this has happened and it is hilarious to see how people perceive you off the bat).


I take pride in attracting women because of my intellect, way of thinking, my comportment, rather than frivolous things such as my looks, swagger or material things.

But I’ve been known to use the latter over the former, and still CAN, if the situation presents itself.


(I’d obviously rather not do so).


Last, but not least — I like watching the WNBA.




















































































































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