Where We Are in Society Today!

Where We Are in Society Today!

M.D. Wright






The things that I see, hear and am subjected to today, in 2012, versus what I remember as far back as 1983 are galling. Let me be the first to admit that I have my warts (although not those HSV joints), and flaws, so I’m not casting judgmental and condemning stones, but rather stark observations about abhorrent occurrences.



— Chicks “falling in love” with a married man, despite the fact that he doesn’t even love her (let alone the elephant in the room that is the supposedly SACRED marriage).


— These same chicks have completely unattached men at their disposal and will further expose themselves as amoral, lacking self-esteem and self-respect, lacking respect for marriage and the wife that is being cheated on, as well as the child(ren) who are lost in the midst of it… all for… what? Some misjudged lust that is being called “love”?


— Dudes flagrantly breaking every Man Law on a daily basis, without a single fuck being given toward the outcome.


— Guys throwing their supposed mans an ’em under the bus just to get at a chick who may or may not be anything more than a jump or a slide. (WHAT PART OF THE GAME IS THAT???)


— 9’s and Dimes going for the ego stroke of getting with out and out losers and lames, who are all too happy to fawn all over these chicks just for a minute of their time, when men who are up to par with these 9s and Dimes are readily available and aren’t playing leapfrog with their homies just to get in these chicks’ faces.


— Men whose intentional desire to marry and have a family is consistently lost on the eyes and ears of women who claim they want the same, only to see these same women get knocked up by guys who want nothing to do with marriage NOR supporting children.


— People scoffing at men who actually WANT marriage by suggesting that these types of men should be shipped off to Creedmoor for full, university-level mental evaluation — Lefrak City level, and all…


— All-Out Lesbians taking the BADDEST JOINTS and turning them out to the point where they won’t even deal with dudes sexually anymore (SMH).


— People (including a couple of relatives of MINE) who would rather work some two-bit nonsense, off the books, with minimal responsibility, than to use their brains and either get a worthwhile profession, or start a business with their inherent gifts and passions in mind.


— Chicks making it easier than ever for guys to smash (not speaking against this, personally, for I would be a hypocrite by partaking at times), but make relationships so difficult, when they are more wired for them than men are.


— People complaining about “trust issues” being the reason they refuse to ever seriously date/court or marry, when the majority of their sentiment stems from their misplacing their full trust within someone who wasn’t worthy — and they’re still bitter.


— Where being jealous of the successes and good fortune of a supposed friend or relative is actually accepted.


— When people seek to gain publicity and adulation from other sick fucks by making the lewdest, snarkiest, pseudo-witty comment as possible in light of the death of another human being — especially a child.


— Pro Football Hall of Fame voters, most of whom never played NFL Football, allow their personal vendettas to cloud their judgments of players who are worthy to be in the Hall of Fame — and gloat about keeping the player(s) out on those grounds.


— Where bitchassness rules, and being a real man is a “Hate Crime”.


… and many, many other forsaken offenses that are now commonplace and accepted.




I have no idea, you, my readers, TELL ME…



3 thoughts on “Where We Are in Society Today!

  1. charlescoy February 13, 2012 / 1:47 AM

    I spotted this blog and couldn’t agree more. I’m not married but in a loving relationship with a 5 month child. I’m working, going to school, and finding any other outlets to earn or succeed at life, to give my daughter some hope of life being worthwhile since I helped to set that example for her. Oddly enough, my psychology teacher lectured about how much worse the world and society has become, but has it really? Ponder this. While growing up, I remember music having a significant role in the demoralization of our youths. From shock rock acts like Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson to N.W.A. and 2Pac. Now we have Justin Beiber and Katy Perry, the only artist who dons music’s “bad boy” status is Chris Brown? Because he’s a cowardly girlfriend beater?! Music, the mainstream media, and the so-called reality tv we watch has lessened society’s way of thinking. Everything has become, let our heads fly in the clouds until we allow someone to pop them. Artists had to work to make a couple million, now an artist debuts and makes 40 million in one week. AND KEEPS IT! They then use it to buy out the working man. To snuff out anything that threatens the chance of ruining their “brand”. One day a revolution will come to attempt to take down the brands that we’re force fed, and more than likely, no one will even notice.


  2. Mr. Wright 212 February 13, 2012 / 3:24 AM

    Thanks for the input! You make valid points, because the damage that was done to those of us who are 28-35 right now — back in the late 80s and 90s with the ESOTERIC messages in music (which are now OVERT) were just as harmful.

    Tis worse to not know one is harmed than to know the dangers of a situation going in and still go into it.

    Same thing with the music with the double entendres in the 60s and 70s.


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