Thank You

Thank You 

M.D. Wright



Life is an interesting journey. We all take various different paths to terminate at the same location: DEATH. But along the way, we meet friends at certain junctures and under unique circumstances, and you realize there are not only friends, but different TYPES of friends, based upon the season in your life.


It is said that you find out who your friends are when you have nothing materially to offer anyone. It’s not wholly true, but you do often find that people will desert you when the chips are down and your hands are up in the air in surrender. A friend that is with you when you’re down AND when things are going well is a keeper; even better when they never ask anything from you but your time and reciprocated friendship.


Most of us learn this hard lesson before we’re 25. Some never do, and it’s saddening. Nevertheless, human nature is what it is, and once you understand that nature, you can prevent a great deal of letdowns by not placing more faith in any one person than they warrant.


I am grateful to all of the friends that I have. I do not spite any former friends who I no longer associate with, because at some point in time, they added to my life; taught me, encouraged me, helped me, allowed me to serve them and ultimately helped me grow as a man. Then there are those who were literally in and out of my life like the wind, but left an indelible mark that resonates with me regularly. I have very few friends that have been around for more than 15 years. As a matter of fact, there are only two, and in all actually, one of those two I haven’t SEEN in 15 years, but if I were to fly out to California, it would be like old times in grade school.


Nevertheless, I always like to express gratitude whenever the sentiment hits me, and for those who have truly been friends to me and still are, I salute and thank you.



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