Haters: How Many of Us Have Them?

Haters: How Many of Us Have Them? 

M.D. Wright


First thing’s first. Haters are people who are in position of jealousy and envy. “Hating” is not merely having an opinion that is contrary to one that is held by one person or a group of people. Hating consists of saying and doing whatever one can in order to “take someone down a notch” because they usually feel inadequate and insecure around the target of their “hating”.

As an aside, I have a real problem with people differentiating (or failing to do so) between being assertive, approaching someone that they are interested in and being “THIRSTY”. I have written about “thirst” before.

Don’t believe me? Here it is:


What is bothersome now more than ever is the way that older people are hating on YOUNGER people. Legitimate HATING. It’s embarrassing. Older people are supposed to pave the way for the younger set to transition into adulthood seamlessly. When you see women in their 40s  pulling juvenile moves in order to steal the thunder of a woman 10-15 years younger than her — solely for the affections of a man — you have to really shake your head and give up on humanity.

Guys are haters at times, but it is usually for different reasons, and it manifests differently on the same token. Guys, at least those who are not bitchasses, typically aren’t going to hate on another guy when it comes to women. Most men realize that there are plenty enough women out there, and now, more than ever, they’re easier than ever to get what you want from them (if you live that lifestyle). Hating on another guy is foolishness.

Woman see another woman wearing the same outfit and there is borderline anarchy. Men see another guy wearing the same shirt or team jersey as he does and they have an immediate bond (again, unless they are bitchasses). However, guys DO hate when they are insecure, whiny, inadequate and usually because they are defined by their appeal to women. Naturally, younger, cockier men with swagger and a definitive aura will draw women just by being himself. He doesn’t even have to be a great looking man. Those qualities will draw to him a fair share of women. When a guy jumps through hoops, flashes his wallet and brags on his accomplishments and still fall flat with women, those types of men can easily begin hating on other men. There are men who hate on OTHER MEN because they get along with OTHER MEN who aren’t jealous of one another.

What is the definition of that?


Haters 1



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