Intentional Men vs. Your Baby Daddy

Intentional Men vs. Your Baby Daddy
M.D. Wright

* – Edited: 7.15.2014

… Because there IS a difference…

All day long I have to listen to several different women bitch and moan about men. It wears on me. At times, these delusional off-hand diatribes that I am subjected to (what am I, the magistrate’s office? I couldn’t care less about your relationships strug-a-leeeeeng) spark the status updates that some of you are aghast to read in the evening sometimes. Listen, enough is enough at those times, and I must vent in order to avoid pulling a Santonio Holmes.

Intentional men (Read: NOT Svengali types, playboys INTENT on smashing everything in sight, etc.) do not comport themselves in the same manner as the guys who donated their spermatozoom unto you freely. You made that choice. You knew there were red flags about him (you always do, save  the bullshit that you’re about to type in order to justify your foolish decisions) before you flung your legs open like Mary Lou Retton. You made your proverbial and literal bed, so lie in it. Eighteen to life, no commissary. Them’s the breaks. Our lives are the sum total of our decisions.

Yes, I’m going in, because I’m sick of hearing the same tired, unaccountable women whine to me about what other men do, when I have never done anything of the sort. 

The worst part is, so many of these women have known me for years, know the cloth from which I am cut, know what I am ultimately all about (if I’m not in a relationship, and obviously have never been married, I do like Leon and gets mine, without selling dreams and without any trifling drama interwoven, so no, you don’t have that on me, EITHER, but keep trying like Kobe haters also do in order to besmirch his legend).

Baby daddies (not all, but many) will sell more dreams than the Make a Wish Foundation. But unlike that philanthropic organization, they never at any point intend to follow through. They’ll gas your head up, tell you what you want to hear, convince you (if he even has to, because I know some pretty reckless broads who don’t make guys wear rubbers and then want to complain about their “sperm donor” when life becomes increasingly difficult for them down the line) to let him go raw so that he can “feel everything” and so forth, and you willfully give in. Rape victims who carry children to term are not included here. Those are some brave women and I am by no means berating them, nor would I ever.

Baby daddy types rarely, if ever, commit to any  one woman, either. If a woman claims that’s what she wants and have “Women’s Intuition” that can make them “smarter” than men, and spot these types, and STILL gets with these types of men, then why would they be deserving of any pity from a man who is the antithesis of such?

INTENTIONAL MEN are a different breed. And I am only including men whose intentions match their actions. So often, these same suckers for baby daddies can know intentional men, whose desire it is to be a father, a loving father, a semi-good husband, youamean? WHATTTT (Mike Tyson reference). When a man says he wants to get married — especially with all the optiosn to the contrary to even lames, ugly men and wannabe thugs — BELIEVE HIM (Maya Angelou Voice).

Side Note: Why do the finest women who are at bars and lounges always spend their night with their noses up the lamest, goofiest, dorkiest dudes’ asses, when respectable men who comport themselves as such are right in their presence? JUST A THOUGHT, BECAUSE IT IS MORE AND MORE PREVALENT AT EVERY BAR THAT I GO TO BOTH HERE IN THE CITY AND OUT IN HOBOKEN.

Intentional men are not “thirsty”, but still make their desires clear. And when a man wants a particular woman, you cannot deter him. No, I do not mean sociopathic, serial rapist types, I mean a man with real focus in life. You know, the ones who get passed over for baby daddy types and spend a decade or so of his life having to deal with women who willfully dealt with loser baby daddy types before he can even begin to win the confidence of a woman…

… who has three or more kids and pushing 40/desperate to avoid Old Maid Status.

Life isn’t fair, but nor is a football game played against the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers. It is what it is.

And until I meet a worthwhile woman, I will continue to “GET MINES” like Leon from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” said a couple of seasons back. But I’ve made my intentions clear, and going on 33, it is more reflective of the BS talk that so many women speak about what they claim to want, than my indecisiveness, supposed (inaccurately pegged, as is) “over-pickyness” and other nonsense that I hear hurled in my direction.

Whatever the case may be, as much as women think they know the man’s psyche better than even the dumbest man, they DON’T. LISTEN UP, AND LEARN.

… and spare yourselves a needless 18-to-life sentence of Baby Daddy Drama.



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