Be Careful (No Sparkle) ***ONLY FOR MATURE AUDIENCES***

Be Careful (No Sparkle) ***ONLY FOR MATURE AUDIENCES***

 M.D. Wright



You know what? Sex is supposed to be fun. You are supposed to be able to let loose, be uninhibited (without going across the line where you’re just a SICK FUCK) and ultimately — when you’re mature — be more about fulfilling the desires of the one you’re with instead of just seeking your own.


From what I constantly hear from women, men are the worst at this. I am inclined to agree, because I know the male psyche. A good number of men will get theirs and just roll over; with nary a concern about whether or not she got hers. If she does, it is incidental in his mind. He got what he wanted and now it’s on to then next compartment of a man’s life (i.e. rise, shine, groom, work, eat, work, eat, sports, eat, fuck, sleep — life is a set of several different boxes for men).


Personally, I’ve always been a sharing person and mostly unselfish. I’ve never grown that attached to material things, so giving is easy to me. Naturally, such is the case in bed ha. I’m not too prudish to put this out there. But for the sake of discussion, I must define a foundation from which I can speak. Otherwise, it just becomes a bunch of philosophical tripe that has no connection to real-life situations.


I’ve had chicks pinch rubbers (Why? I was BROKE back then, you ain’t getting nothing from me for 18-23 years ha) and another who tried to pull the reverse of what I mentioned above where guys typically do this to women. She almost got punched in the throat. It’s funny now, but I could have pulled that famous Santonio Holmes move after that.


I digress.


When you are mature sexually, your designs are on pleasing your mate. Multiple times. As many times as possible per rendezvous, if you’re versatile. As a man, it helps when you do not find anything (reasonable) that a woman says that she likes to be disgusting. It’s sex, not martinizing shirts or preparing dinner on fine china. KNOCK IT AWWWWRRRRRFFFFF.


What kills me is when I hear women saying, “I will never suck dick in my life”. O RLY? Mind you, these were fresh-out-of-high school chicks when I was at UNCG, but I nearly fainted by that naivete. These will either be nymphomaniacs or Old Maids at age 30. There’s no getting around that fact of life.


And while we’re at it, if a man says that’s what he likes, if you intend to keep him, you better develop some serious DSLs (no internet connection necessary) and practice your craft. The worst is when women expect you to perform cunnilingus willfully (no problem), but in turn say they refuse to suck, or even swallow. The latter is arbitrary, because everyone has their breaking points. But if you’ve sucked, you’ve already ingested some amount of fluid. And side note, if he offered cunnilingus to you, he’s ingested MUCH MORE fluid than you have. COME OFF THE BULL.


When it comes to different positions, that’s all arbitrary and subjective to the couple. Ultimately, I get tired of hearing women say what they will or won’t do, what they absolutely refuse to do and then in the next breath make demands about what they want a man to do if he expects to have all the goodies.


Yeah, I could have been very graphic with this, but in the interest of good taste, I kept it somewhat civil.





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