Why Marrying a Wise (Not “Smart”) Woman is Prudent

Why Marrying a Wise (Not “Smart“) Woman is Prudent

 M.D. Wright


Some would suggest, “Aren’t ALL women wise?” or “Who WOULDN’T want to marry such a woman, anyway?”


Wisdom isn’t as prevalent as (un)common sense. Despite the oxymoron, there are wise women out there. I know several personally (who wants to surround themselves with dumb women, anyway?) My mother is one of them. Several of the ladies in the churches I’ve grown in are wise, and have helped me along the way. Most of my female friends are awash in wisdom. Several of them have shared their nuggets of wisdom with me over the years — often when I needed a swift kick in the nalgas or a fulfilling encouraging word tinged with the proper amount of “tough love”; something that is appreciated by a man who is rough around the edges and hates the idea of being coddled.

As men, we are impulsive. Whether it is sports, buying cars (if you got it like that), buying electronics (you know how we get when we go into those stores like Micro Center, Best Buy, HH Gregg, etc.) or just making typical daily life decisions. When you have a wise woman next to you, she’ll discern some of those possible long-term ramifications of your decisions and actions that you may not readily perceive from the onset. She does all this while holding her own with her life’s purpose (while a wise man next to her provides the same support that she offers to him). This is golden. This supersedes looks, business acumen, college/university prestige, or any amount of sultriness that emanates from her physical.

DISCLAIMER: The aforementioned things are desirable ha, as a matter of fact, a woman WITH those qualities AND is wise is beyond the rarest jewel.

This is more of a passing thought than a column, but something more than a random status update. It is something that is in my thought process pretty regularly. I’ve seen what silly women can do when aligned with a man who himself lacks the wisdom to avoid dealing with her to the point where she can have such a vast influence in his life. I’ve seen what reckless women can do to a man’s plans and totally ruin his life (with his willful persistence to commiserate with her, of course). I refuse to marry a dumb woman who lacks wisdom. Wisdom is to be valued above rubies.

And I definitely want more than rubies.


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