Top 10 Things I’m Tired of and Hope Will End With 2011

Top 10 Things I’m Tired of and Hope Will End With 2011

M.D. Wright



Every year there are trends, sayings, styles (???) that come and go with the calendar year. Some stick, some are passing fads, others are so worn out after the first couple of times being seen, heard or done that you want to off yourself every time you are subjected to the nonsense. Here are my Top 10 annoying things that I hope die with 2011:


— Use or allusion to the term, “Winning”.

— Rex Ryan’s Patrick Ewing-esque “guarantees”.

— Good looking women entertaining clowns and lames with tight pants and no swagger (not “swag”) whatsoever.

— Clowns talking about having “swag” when they’re just impressionable fools who copy whoever is most visible in the music industry or entertainment.

— Drake/Aubrey/Lilac Gardens, Jr.


— Hearing about the Miami Heat winning 60 of 66 games and the NBA Title that I forgot they won in 2010-2011.

— People hating on Eli Manning (not likely going to stop SMH).

— People who like Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, etc. who continue to act like they don’t know who VADO is.

— Cats buying Rugby patches and sewing them on shirts from Wal-Mart.



DISHONORABLE MENTION:— Lames who rock Mikes  as if it gives them some sort of swagger.

— Hearing about Matt Ryan being “great”.

— MTA fare hikes.

— AJ Burnett in pinstripes.

— Jay-Z apologists and stans refusing to just give it up.


FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN. I could have really gone in on this, but I am not on the negative wave. Just voicing some disgust from the things I’ve observed from 2011…



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