OMW: Living Situation Update, Plans and Request for Assistance

OMW: Living Situation Update, Plans and Request for Assistance

 M.D. Wright



So once again, as has been the case for most of the year, I am going to explain the situation once and for all so that everyone who is praying for me, looking to help, or are generally just friends who want to know what’s going on with me — here are the facts:


— I have not moved yet.

— I have written about a dozen notes this year describing the intricacies regarding the rental market (for people out of town) and how stringent nearly all of the landlords and property managers are when it comes to income, credit scores, W2 income vs. commission-based income and what not.

— I am still highly frustrated.

— My life has been almost completely on hold in every facet from hosting parties, having game nights on the big screen (NFL, MLB, NBA, Boxing, etc.), social/dating life (have not dated throughout 2011, which I pledged I would not do in order to be cleansed anyway), and so on.

— As long as things have been held up, my situation is hindering the plans of my current roommates.


I’m not sure where the fallacious information has originated regarding my having moved. Trust me, had I, that is not something that I could hide, nor would I. As eager as I am to move on with my life, there would be no doubt. I’ve mentioned that I have LOCATED potential properties that would work for me, but there are still hurdles to cross.


For instance, there is an apartment that was pointed out to me two months ago, and I’ve been hounding the landlord ever since. After a half dozen phone calls, I have come to find out that the tenant in the apartment that I have been targeting to move into within the building is being evicted — and is playing the system to prolong the process. The landlord has been trying to get the guy out since September and I won’t be able to move forward at that location until the second week in January. This is according to the landlord. I know it sounds like “I’m moving soon” for weeks, but God (and most of you) KNOW that if the situation was within the parameters of my control, it would have been finalized the day after I found out about the place being available and/or I had the physical means by which to consummate everything.


But it is not so.


Everyone else wants 6-12 months of rent up front, or a guarantor who earns over $100,000 annually, or near-perfect credit. I’m sorry, I’m one of those non-drones who actually started businesses a decade ago, took risks, lost money, had my credit affected adversely and therefore it is not 814, as it once was. Life happens. Deadbeats have bad credit, the rest of us have situations that are beyond our control that kill our scores. Loss of income, injury (broken back in 2007) and other extenuating circumstances can lead to bad credit; not just people who run up credit card debt on depreciating liabilities. I hate most landlords because I’ve had to deal with them as a broker agent for years, but as a tenant, I hate them as much as I hate paying taxes. While I understand their trepidation regarding signing someone who has less than ideal credit (but erstwhile good income, savings and money from school on top of it all), they’d rather have an apartment vacant, than to give someone who — outside of circumstances beyond my, or anyone else’s control if they found themselves in the same situation — had a nine-year run of perfect credit, over five figures of savings and a business portfolio.


What have you. 


What I am asking is for anyone in New York City (I cannot rule out Queens or Brooklyn anymore, because I really need to be out of here as soon as absolutely possible; I do not want to start out 2012 with the same cloud hanging over me as I’ve had throughout 2011), who knows of landlords or properties who DO NOT harp upon credit scores and do not ask for more than one month’s rent and one month’s security to please advise the location, property name/contact person and the rates. I am looking for a simple 1 BR apartment. No bells or whistles. No frills. I’m saving money throughout 2012 so that I can buy a brownstone at some point in 2013, per my written goals. I do not want to exceed $1,300/month for rent.


The only situation where I will consider a roommate is if it is in my preferred area back in Harlem.


Please advise, and to those who have been praying, thanks for your (continued) prayers.



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