OMW: 2011 4Q Review and 1Q 2012 Prospectus

OMW: 2011 4Q Review and 1Q 2012 Prospectus

M.D. Wright



So 2011 has come and gone. I swear I remember exactly where I was when the clock hit 12:00:00 on 01/01/11. That seemed like mere weeks ago (not 52 of them). I’m gradually working back to the life that I once enjoyed, bit by bit. I knew that 3Q was going to be productive and fruitful before it arrived, and it was. I had high hopes that things would get better and transitioning would occur in 4Q.


Some of it has, some of it hasn’t.


The job at Chase began as 4Q began, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. The job itself is pretty interesting, as I am a real estate guy since 2000, and we are tackling an issue that plagues every one of us (or someone we know) in some form or fashion: foreclosures.


I’m literally learning several new things every day, meeting a few good people along the way and thankfully I have a drama-free unit with which to work. That makes going to work and being productive a lot easier to achieve. I’ve certainly been in environments that were completely to the contrary.


As I’ve written earlier, I have not accomplished my goal of moving, sadly, and I will not delve into that any further in this particular piece. I am optimistic that the location that I had been directed to in Spanish Harlem will work out for my good. Just a bit more patience is necessary.


I’ve gone to a few ball games and shows, had a couple of nice parties and reunited with some people that I have either never met (family), haven’t seen or spoken to in years (both family and friends) and classmates and previous co-workers who I hadn’t seen from anywhere ranging from months to years. It’s been a very nice 4Q. Not a dull moment, and like my professor Cliff Benton says, “How dare we be arrogant to say that we have time to be bored?!?! We have too much to learn and too much that we can do to ever be bored!!!” (in his Stephen A. voice — the man sounds JUST LIKE HIM).

I went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, and that was pretty chill. Always another installment of OMW I-95 (or I-81) Adventures when I come back — and you can peep that elsewhere in my column. Good to see some family that I hadn’t seen in three years, met a couple of new people, saw my parents as usual, and caught up with ex-UNCG classmates and other friends. That was a rejuvenator.


I like to always reflect upon what I did the previous quarters and see what I can improve upon, and one thing I wanted to get the ball rolling on was maximizing every bit of my time (check), and getting back into the NPO game, as well as general entrepreneurship (in the works, as we speak). I’ve been approached by friends with two legitimate business endeavors and I am going to work on both of them (as well as getting my FULL-FLEDGED BROKER’S LICENSE) in the 1Q/2Q of 2012.


Also, the one thing I want to finally do is be accepted to and enroll in law school for the Fall 2012 semester. I WILL do this.


I successfully completed my Master in Organizational Leadership, am currently working on another Master in Human Resource Management and concurrently will be working on a Master in Public Administration beginning January 27 at John Jay.


It is my hope that I can continue to learn daily as a researcher at Chase in my current role, while aligning myself with the firm’s objectives in a way that my KSAs can be best utilized (even if it means creating a new role), and do a lot more traveling; which I grew up doing and became accustomed to over the years before calamity struck in 2006.


February 17 is a huge date for several reasons: some of you may know for one reason or another. Some of you:




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