2011 NFL: What We Know After Week 16

2011 NFL: What We Know After Week 16

M.D. Wright



What we know? THE SEASON IS ALMOST OVER, YET JUST ABOUT TO BEGIN AT THE SAME TIME. As far as what we learned last week, here we go:


— Victor Cruz should be in the Pro Bowl, even if teams still foolishly single him.


— Virtually half of Matthew Stafford’s TD passes have gone to Calvin Johnson.


— Wes Welker should not be included in any discussion with regards to receptions and reception yardage totals.


— Bart Scott needs to retire.


— The Chiefs would  have won the AFC West had they even had Charles, Moeaki and Berry.


— Kyle Orton used Week 16 to prep for knocking the B-men out of the playoffs and get revenge at the same time.


— The Skins, after all the ridiculous early season hoopla are going to be the same 6-10 team that they were last year.


— London Fletcher got Pro Bowl snubbed YET AGAIN. There is something to be said about consistency being overlooked and taken for granted at the same time.


— Tackle stats are overrated, but for JPP to have 81 tackles AS A DEFENSIVE END — this is unreal.


— Who milks injuries more? Tony Romo or Ben Roethlisberger?


— Lions fans are as whiny as Patriots and (many) Steeler and Packer fans, without even a playoff win; much less a Super Bowl — to show for it. First, they whine about Matthew Stafford not making the Pro Bowl (plausible, but you cannot remove the guys who made it in his favor), then the self-serving statistical argument, with the aforementioned 15 of 36 TD passes to the best WR in the NFL, and then the conveniently inaccurate argument about lack of a running game when the GIANTS’ RUNNING GAME IS, AND HAS BEEN ALL SEASON — THE WORST IN THE NFL. KNOCK IT OFF.


— 49ers, Steelers, Patriots and (eventually) Packers = ONE AND DONE.


— Texans could make a deep run.


— So could Baltimore.


— You already know no one wants to play the Big Blue Wrecking Crew; especially in East Rutherford (Detroit).


— Norv Turner should be fired; if not for any other reason than the listless effort in Week 16 with the team’s season and several guys’ jobs at stake.


— Same with AJ Lord of NO Rings Smith.


— Tarvaris Jackson has had an admirable season.




— Aldon Smith has had a fine season rushing the passer, but he does little to nothing more.


— SAME WITH JASON BABIN; the Osi Umenyiora of left ends.


— Jared Allen and Jason Pierre-Paul are the ultimate DEs at rushing the passer and playing the run; even chasing plays downfield and getting passes defensed.


— Colts, though?


— The Eagles always sucker their fans in at the end of the season with their annual meaningless wins at the end of the regular season. This is why their fans have made us hate them over the past 20 years; as they think that those end of the season games have some carryover into the following season.


— The Jaguars have a solid foundation IF they can get a QB in the draft. In other words, they are anything BUT solid.


— Matt Moore is what he is. It’s all downhill from here.


— Don McNabb is done.


— Sam Hurd has got to be the stupidest man alive.


— Matt Forte losing money on the rate that DeSean Jackson has lost cash this year.


— I blame Leslie Frazier for Adrian Peterson’s injury. I was hoping he would make it through his career without one of these injuries. He may just indeed never be the same SMH.


— Drew Brees is overrated, I do not care what anyone says. If the Saints have to play outside in the playoffs, you’ll see.


— Mike Munchak.


— Imagine if the Titans had Kenneth Britt all year?


— Eli would be passing Dan Marino also if Hakeem Nicks didn’t have the yips the past two games. He’s dropped at LEAST 150 yards worth of passes in the past two games.


— Aaron Ross better be saving his cash.


— Rex Grossman is laughable, but then again we’ve known that for a decade.


— Stevie Johnson needs better hands and a more mature mindset if he’s going to get the money he’s demanding.


— The Patriots can only do the plug and play defense for so long.


— Same with the Packers.


— Osi Umenyiora is set to play in his final home game in the regular season as a New York Giant on Sunday Night.


— The Rams need to go back to Los Angeles where they belong.


— The Bucs will keep Raheem Morris, and they should, with all the cap space they intentionally failed to use in order to rebuild the team during the offseason.


— The Falcons are a sick joke, but again we knew this since Mike Smith got there.


— The Panthers would have won 11 games this year (at least) if Cam Newton had done more than go past the first receiver in his progressions most of the season.


— The Browns have taken two steps back; looking like the Tim Couch days.


— The Bengals may very well beat the Ravens on Sunday, and if they do — LOOK OUT.


— Bears HA.


— Seabags would have been fun to watch in the playoffs.


— Same with the CURDS.


— The Bolts need to get younger at several key areas; too many of their vets are injury prone.


— Brian Cushing whining about Pro Bowl snubs is laughable.


— Goodbye Brian Dawkins.


— Still don’t know what the Miami Dolphins’ plan is.


— Dom Raiola and Jeff Backus have indeed made strides.


— Evan Dietrich-Smith.


— Joe Flacco is beyond overrated.


— So is Matt Ryan, proving it yet again.


— And of course, so is Mark Sanchez, although a lot of that is the anti-New York sentiment/inferiority complex that many have.


— I am convinced that if Peyton Manning had played in 2011, they would be 12-3 right now. At the very least.


— http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GrV44sw5Wg



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