M.D. Wright

Remember Jadakiss’ “Why”? Yeah, I’m about to go in.

— Why does FOX always put Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on Giants games?
— Why are people so easy to forget how assed out they were when they had noplace to live and no one to turn to, and then act like they don’t know what it’s like when they encounter someone in a similar situation?
— Why are New York City/State taxes going through the roof seemingly every month?
— Why are Djarum Clove cigarettes illegal, but the cigars aren’t?
— Why, if you are doing things for people from a pure heart do you allow the inevitable betrayal and someone taking advantage of your nicety to cause you to want to stop being nice (Jadakiss Ad-Lib), “come on think about it”, if your actions emanate from the right heart and not vanity, then you get back up and keep at it.
— Why do people think that because you don’t flip out when you catch them trying to play you to your face that you are unawares that they are (recklessly) talking behind your back?
— Why do money-hungry people who will spite and sell out their own moms for some bread — expect to ever have sustained prosperity in life?
— Why are (blind) liberal hacks intent on being Obama apologists? (Come on, pay attention).
— Why is the rent TOO DAMN HIGH in Harlem?
— Why are passive-aggressive people not burned at the stake?
— Why do people who claim to be so straight-forward, honest, blunt and “afraid of no one” find it easier to issue subs through a third party instead of coming directly to the person in question?
— Why are there so many BANs nowadays?
— Why is it when someone goes through hardship, people who claim to be friends and/or empathetic not only forget how that same person looked out for them when they were down, but forget that the person in question was not always strug-a-leeeeng like Joe Namath?
— Why do dudes count calories and worry about their caloric intake while drinking beer?
— Why is chicks so thirsty nowadays?
— Why would a woman even NEED to be thirsty in the first place?
— Why do landlords expect someone who they’ve already turned down for credit reasons — to have a five-figure stash in order to pay a lease in its entirety; but still have failing credit?
— Why do companies expect people to have great credit in order to get a job, but then others can’t figure out that without a job/income, you cannot rebuild your credit (legally) without serious hustling?
— Why do cats spray all this stupid nonsense on regs and call it dour?
— Why do gay chicks take all the meanest joints and turn them out?
— Why the illest joints be on the low cuffin’ other chicks, but then deny it when it’s obvious for the world to see?
— Why do the Red Sox think they’re in the Yankees’ league with these acquisitions they’ve made?
— Why do outta town (especially southern) cats keep frontin’ on VADO?
— Why do fine chicks willfully entertain lames at the bar or lounge?
— Why do lames rock Mikes (Air Jordans) recklessly, making them worthless to those of us who grew up coppin’ every version in every colorway from 1985-2003.
— Why would I ever leave New York City when it costs at least $12 to get back into the city from most points?
— Why do people have bumper guards on their cars, with the only dents all over the rest of the car?
— Why do people come up with all kind of ruses just to avoid having to work, save and want others’ hard work and hard-earned money to go towards subsidizing their reckless spending and foolish lifestyle?
— Why do the same things over and over and expect the same results?
— Why screw over godly people when you know you’re setting yourself up to be cursed? (and wonder why?)
— Why are you squinting at the screen like that? YES, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU.
— Why do people question the integrity of people who are consistent and honorable, but give shady, sketchy and grimy people the benefit of the doubt?
— Why do I see the same semi-high teenage drop outs trying to sell me the ill packs of fruit snacks on the train every day?
— Why do chicks think that just because a guy speaks to her that he’s trying to smash off the top?
— Why do people get hurt by one person and begin to spend their life generalizing an entire gender or ethnic group?
— Why did I buy that 350Z instead of the two houses?
— Why didn’t I go to St. John’s in ’03 when they were offering me a full ride?
— Why does LeBron James keep fighting the losing battle with his hairline?
— Why didn’t St. John’s have the living quarters then, as they do now?


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