What Credibility Do You Have When Your Word is No Good?

What Credibility Do You Have When Your Word is No Good?

 M.D. Wright



Don’t we all know someone who never keeps their word? Doesn’t matter if they are a nice person, or a douche. Whether they have money, or don’t. Whether they are gainfully employed, or not. Or whether they are just a slacker in every aspect of life, we all know at least one person who you couldn’t even depend to give you a wake up call at 3 in the afternoon (think about the statement I’m making there) if you paid them AFTER they said they would. People like that are impossible to gauge, because you do not know where you stand with them. They tend to flake, make plans, break them, promise to do a job, never follow through, borrow, but never repay (nor intend to), freeload with no conscience and will ride someone’s back hard the minute someone (with the nerve to do so) borrows items or money from them.


The absolute worst is the person who owes money, promises to pay and never does — yet parade around calling everyone’s integrity, couth, and reputations into question. It is amazing that so many people  have blind spots that no one — not ourselves, not our supposed friends nor anyone else who cares about them — that they are completely unawares to the irony and hypocrisy of their actions.


As a person who has nothing in this world but my good name, reputation, good conscience and my integrity as a consistent and conscientious adult man, I did not reach this point out of the womb. It took the aforementioned people to care enough to call me out — in LOVE — in order to right my rudderless ship at times. Friends, parents, relatives, trusted co-workers and classmates and even PROFESSORS have done me this eternal favor. Having integrity, being conscientious, not being uncouth, keeping my word and caring enough of about my good name that I literally become vocally (and, when necessary, physically) violent when someone even so much as questions one of those traits. Along with questioning my work ethic (when those who know me BEG me to stop going so hard in the proverbial paint???) is grounds to make me pummel someone.


So when I encounter people who have no credibility, are uncouth bastards who don’t keep their word, borrow with or without the intent to repay and don’t, ask for jobs to be done and don’t pay, and the other disgusting negative character traits that I mentioned earlier, I become vehement in expressing my disdain.




… or are you reading this and realizing that you’re that very type person? Hmmmm…




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