2011 NFL: What We Know After Week 15

2011 NFL: What We Know After Week 15

 M.D. Wright



We know that I am ready for the playoffs, and I hope my guys are in it. PERIOD.


As far as the other things we learned after watching the action in Week 15:


— The 49ers need to pay their light bills.


— The Steelers are going to regret playing Ben Roethlisberger on Monday night.


— Sebastian Janikowski would have made that 65 yard field goal if not for Suh’s paw.


— Jason Pierre-Paul might lodge 100 tackles this year (not that this is a good thing). Even LT (the ONE AND ONLY, NOT TOMLINSON) says he hopes JPP will be as good as he was.


— The Patriots always find a way.


— However, they are going to miss Andre Carter, their most productive defensive lineman outside of Vince Wilfork.


— Julian Edelman in coverage >>> Aaron Ross ANYWHERE on the field.


— The Giants’ running game finally turns for the better, then the defense does its Sheridan-in-2009 impression concurrently.


— Joe Flacco stinks in big games.


— So does Matt Ryan.


— I’d take John Skelton over both of them.


— And Alex Smith, who stinks.


— The Steelers must rely on their running game.


— Aldon Smith MERCY.


— London Fletcher’s Weekly THUD hit, causing guys to go straight down (usually has 2-3 per game) was on Bear Pascoe.



— Tim Tebow knows he’s favored by God in wins and in losses, but why do almost all other players ONLY thank God when they win or have favorable outcomes though?


— Terrell Suggs is quickly becoming a Top 3 Quote Machine in the NFL.


— He only trails two loudmouth Ryan brothers, sadly.


— Ryan Mathews, once he gets over his Tiki Barber Syndrome, is becoming a very dependable back, having gone over 1,000 yards in Week 15.


— Oh BTW, has London Fletcher ever missed a game?


— Rex Grossman still ain’t shit. The Giants would make Caleb Hanie look like Peyton Manning if they had the Bears on their slate.


— The Eagles are doing their annual set up for their fans, only to rip their hearts out just as they started coming back out of the woodwork and acted like they hadn’t given up on the season a month ago.


— The Cowboys are going to miss DeMarco Murray in their final two games, which could conceivably both be losses as a result.


— Francis Gore is one tough guy.


— So is Ahmad Bradshaw, although Kevin Gilbride is determined to keep the ball out of his hands, as well as those of Brandon Jacobs, who were both gashing the Redskins’ defense early.


— TWO SHOTS of a liquor of your choice for every Gilbride INSIDE HANDOFF call on 2nd and long, and THREE SHOTS for every Fewell “Drop 8, Three Deep, Three Down Linemen” call on 3rd and 15+ that is converted for the rest of this season.


— The Seabags are going to make the playoffs.


— So might the Cardinals.


— The Lions will have something to say about that.


— So will the Falcons, who I believe will lose out.


— Steven Jackson SMH.


— I feel for Sam Bradford. Joe Montana would look even worse with the empty cupboard that he has.


— You know your defense is good when you don’t even miss your best player one iota (Patrick Willis).




— Ray Rice is going to get PAID this offseason.


— Matt Forte won’t. He’s the Steve Smith (formerly Steve-12) of 2011 free agency — that is, overvalued himself (can’t convert goal line runs into TDs, thinks because he gets 75% of his team’s touches, amounting to more yards than most guys naturally — that he’s really that good). He’s a slightly less-talented Edgerrin James. Now the Bears are going to REALLY low-ball him, and no team is going to give him what he wanted in a deal coming off a shaky knee.


— Calvin Johnson will never amaze me again as long as he is playing football.


— The Packers were due. Will they be of the mindset of “better now than in the playoffs”, or will they truly have a repeat of the 2007 NFC Championship Game (same opponent) and have their leaky defense finally cost them a repeat?


— The Rams need to blow up the whole magilla.


— The Chiefs should keep Romeo Crennel.


— The Browns should hire Marty Schottenheimer again, just for joke’s sake.


— Rex Ryan is one confused guy, and Jets fans who buy into what he’s babbling about this week — after failing to give the Eagles one sliver of credit for whipping his vaunted defense — are just as delusional as he.


— Tom Coughlin’s act, and pre-recorded “it’s my fault” presser comments have long been stale.


— Perry Fewell is coaching for his job in the eyes of the media and Giants fans, but appears to be coaching as if he has been given assurances that his job is safe from John Mara and Jerry Reese.


— So has Kevin Gilbride.


— Lost in all this, Tom Quinn’s special teams have actually had their best season (relative — *smirk*) of all his units since he’s been in New York.


— Santonio Holmes sure appeared to be shaving points on Sunday.


— The Panthers have a dozen nice pieces to build around this offseason.


— The Redskins have a crucial draft upcoming, as they have major receiving holes to fill, although you wouldn’t have known it on Sunday.


— The Dolphins may win out. They sure look like they have that fire.


— Andre Johnson = Ewing Theory.


— Matthew Stafford can be as good as any QB in the league when he plays the way he did in the 2nd half Sunday.


— The 49ers are not going anywhere as long as Alex Smith is their QB. He missed several wide open targets that not even guys like Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan, the benchmarks for PEDESTRIAN QBs in the NFL — would miss. Those are going to be INTs and crucual 3 and outs in the playoff game that they play/lose in.


— The Vikings have literally (record-wise) and truly had their worst season in their 50 years in the NFL.


— Outside of the Cowboys and Giants, are there bigger choke artists in the NFL than the Raiders?


— Tarvaris Jackson is having a very solid season. Another good one on Sunday.


— Blaine Gabbert is not an NFL QB.


— Arian Foster piles up 100 yard games in the Softest Way Possible. Franco Harris has passed the torch after Jerome Bettis bobbled it for a decade.


— I’m mildly surprised that Dick Seymour did not punch anyone on the Lions on Sunday.


— The Packers miss Greg Jennings a lot more than they will admit.


— Paging Justin Tuck (in pass rushing situations — he’s still a stalwart and Top 3 vs. the run this year).


— AJ Green.


— $59.5M.


— Marvin Lewis is a sage.


— I hate both Harbaughs.


— Carlos Rogers finally has hands. There’s something to be said about change of scenery. Donte Whitner and Justin Smith agree.


— Kyle Orton.


— The Saints’ lack of a running game has been veiled by Brees’ prolific passing numbers, but this team looks a lot like the 2006 Saints. And if they do not secure the first round playoff bye, they will experience the same fate in the playoffs.


— John Abraham.


— Josh Freeman looks absolutely awful.


— This fate could easily await Cam Newton next year if he does not adjust to what teams will do to him next year.


— The Bolts did a good job keeping Suggs, Lewis and Reed quiet for an entire game. Not many teams manage to pull off that trifecta.


— REGGIE BUSH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hIbs2VAiuA



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