2011 NFL: What We Know After Week 13

2011 NFL: What We Know After Week 13

M.D. Wright



What we know is that all the fun begins now. All the talk about tiebreakers, homefield advantage in the playoffs and what the NFL is truly about: MATCHUPS – come into play during this final quarter of the season. We will finally be getting rid of those 3-4 awful games that clog up the airwaves every week pretty soon, also.


— Andy Reid would rather rest on his laurels in Philly than fire the guy who would have otherwise cost any other coach his job (Castillo). Amazing how arrogant this guy is.


— I hate the Patriots. Using their already-league wide-known favor with the NFL (CBS Sports restaurant AT Gillette Stadium???) to work out a flex schedule with the NFL?


— Willis McGahee looks like he did at The U.


— Ray Rice is an absolute beast when Cam Cameron doesn’t forget he’s on the squad.


— The Giants had the worst offensive line in football through 11 games, but moving two starters out and using two backups gave them both excellent running lanes and pass protection in Week 13. Go figure.


— Jeff Backus is making strides… to the record for consecutive starts as a Lion.


— The Lions and Jags are jockeying with the Giants for the most battered and bruised secondary in the NFL. A GREEN CHECK TO WHOEVER CAN TELL ME WHICH TEAM HAS THE MOST DEFENSIVE BACKS ON IR.


— Clay Matthews began another gH cycle in the past two weeks.


— DeMarcus Ware has officially lost his mind.


— Darnell Dockett owns the Cowboys’ offensive line every time they play.


— Kevin Kolb still sucks.


— Nate Burleson is livid, looking for flags after watching the Packers get away with monumental holding, pushing off and getting ref help throughout their game with the Giants.


— Everyone now knows the NFL wants the Packers to go undefeated by any means necessary.


— The Ravens cannot win with Joe Flacco.


— Tony Sparano may have saved his job Sunday.


— Reggie Bush.


— LeGarrette Blount should be traded to the Giants for Brandon Jacobs.


— If not Blount, then Marshawn Lynch.


— Tarvaris Jackson has steadily improved as the season has gone along.


— The Seabags have an outside shot at making the playoffs.


— The Bears do not.


— We learned that Mike Martz has one foot on the tarmac, reading to go to Arizona State or UCLA.


— Lovie Smith just issued another dry, coach-speak anecdote.


— The fact that I don’t know who the Browns’ offensive coordinator is shows you that he should be fired. They are awful offensively.


— Never have I seen a guy speak the truth so accurately and frankly as Antrel Rolle, and get vilified for it by fans of his own team.


— Even while shanking FGs, Josh Scobee >>> DeSean Jackson. And he makes more money than Jackson, which is lost on Douchesean.


— DeMarco Murray is a problem.


— Miles Austin is going to go right back to the sidelines before the half of Week 14 vs. NYG after returning to practice this week.


— Philip Rivers looks healthy all of a sudden (after beating up on a team with street DBs).


— San Francisco is the most flimsy 10-2 team in the history of Western Civilization.


— Tim Tebow.


— Eli should be in the no huddle for at least 3-4 series per game (AND NOT solely when the Giants’ backs are against the wall). He throws the best deep ball in the NFL and manages the two minute offense with Top 3 alacrity and accuracy.


— Ahmad Bradshaw is one tough guy.


— Cam Newton is going to be virtually unstoppable in Year 3 (Year 2 will be him taking some serious lumps now that teams will have film on him and will scheme against his quirky play).


— Jason Pierre-Paul: “I hate quarterbacks.”


— Tony Romo just got crushed by Jason Pierre-Paul.


— Tony Romo just threw his second interception.


— Cris Collinsworth says “Boy, he loves playing this game.”


— Al Michaels looks on, flummoxed.


— Cris Collinsworth, after the second INT by Romo, still finds a way to claim that Romo is (has he EVER been???) better than Eli.


— Drew Brees is overrated, despite what stat geeks claim.


— Darren Sproles >>> Reggie Bush.


— The Redskins have more boneheaded players on their team than any team this side of the 2003-2010 Bengals.


— Adrian Peterson should just rest over the remaining portion of the season.


— Ryan Grant sucks.


— Jordy Nelson is legit, although we knew this since this point last year.


— Every week, Giants fans listen to fans of other teams whine and complain about guys being injured and/or on IR whenever their team doesn’t perform to the level that they like, which causes us to do facepalms in aghast shock.


— Casey Matthews.


— Kurt Coleman.


— Nate Allen.


— Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.


— Nnamdi “I Miss Oakland” Asomugha.


— Imagine if the Fins actually had a running game and a sane starting WR opposite Davone Bess?


— Wayne “Turnstile” Hunter just whiffed on another block.


— So did Kareem McKenzie.


— Nick Mangold is the best pulling center in football.


— Chris Snee is the best pulling guard in football.


— I love Mitch Petrus’ motor.


— Justin Tuck deserves a badge of honor for this year. He began the season injured (THANKS, WAYNE HUNTER SMH) and has not been healthy at any point this season.


— Steve Spagnuolo, I hope you kept your 201 area code, the Giants will be calling if Fewell doesn’t snap out of his love affair with the Cover 2.


— Norv, GET yourself a 201 area code in case Gilbride doesn’t stick with the offensive line group that the Giants used in Week 13.


— The Falcons are mind-numbingly boring.


— The Titans might still make the playoffs.


— The Bengals are probably done, with their remaining slate – against divisional rivals, at that.


— The Saints, 49ers and Patriots will all be one and done in the playoffs.


— Texans also.


— David Garrard is laid up in Atlanta (or wherever he lives now) laughing at the Jaguars.


— Blaine Gabbert SUCKS.


— Never hinge the fate of your job on a rookie QB.


— Never hire a position coach on the opposite side of the football to be your defensive coordinator.


— Never try to fit a square piece into a round peg, contour your game plan and scheme to the talent and personnel that you have. Although this is not news.


— Tyler Palko, really?


— Kyle Orton is made of glass. Just like I was in my 20s.


— You can always tell when London Fletcher has hit someone: 1) they go STRAIGHT DOWN and 2) it sounds like someone throwing a watermelon against a brick wall at 50 MPH. The sound is gut-wrenching. He does it 4-5 times per game. It’s not that loud cracking sound of pads colliding, or the sound effect that Chris Berman makes when power RBs run over guys, but just a dull, but loud THUD.




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