2011 NFL Week 12 Powre Rankings

2011 NFL Week 12 Powre Rankings 

M.D. Wright



A bit of a shakeup at the top and a few of the bottom feeders move up, most notably the Eagles. As always, these are not “ratings” of “Who’s the 4th best or 16th best team in the NFL” this is based upon MOMENTUM one week to the next. I thought we had this understood concretely in 2005 when I began doing these?


1. Green Bay Packers (10-0).



2. San Francisco 49ers (9-1).



3. Baltimore Ravens (7-3).

They have a chance to make a huge statement on Thursday.


4. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3).

I hear a lot of puffing out of chests in that town, but I think they are heading for a major letdown soon.


5. Chicago Bears (7-3).



Anyway, the playing over their heads has ended. Jay Cutler is OUT FOR SEASON, and even if they do manage to squeeze out a Wild Card (they better hope the Giants and Cowboys go 2-4 the rest of the way), they’re one and done.


6. New England Patriots (7-3).

One way or another, we will find out next week if they have enough to avoid going one and done in the playoffs (facing a desperate team, desperate — although they just played their “Super Bowl” on Sunday Night). 


7. Houston Texans (7-3).

Matthew Leinart.


8. Detroit Lions (7-3).

They’d better shore up that defense and those mistakes by Stafford VERY quickly if they are going to vindicate Suh and his claims that the Lions are on the Packers’ level.


9. Dallas Cowboys (6-4).

They’re going to lose Thursday and two out of their next three for that matter.


10. New Orleans Saints (7-3).

Not impressed. And if all the tough talk by Tom Coughlin and the Giants translates to the field on Monday Night, you’ll see why.


11. New York Football Giants (6-4).

They just need to win 4 out of their final 6 games to make the playoffs. Any combination will do, as 5 of the 6 are NFC games. But are these the 2000 and 2007 Giants, or the 2003, 2009* and 2010** Giants after similar “urgency” and tough talk?


* – Denotes defense, which was Giants’ worst statistical defense of all-time, visibly and admittedly quitting on coach — thereby nullifying the “annual collapse” nonsense.


** – Injuries to too many key playmakers and the “collapse” was only confined to simply failing to close out one game and being thoroughly manhandled the following week. The Giants did, however, win their final game of the season. Collapse talk is ESPN and fat boy talking head-contrived and the fact that Giants “fans” even let that nonsense seep from their mouths shows that they are sheep.


12. Atlanta Falcons (6-4).

That’s fine, they’re peaking now. They’ll finish 9-7. 


13. Oakland Raiders (6-4).

We’re keeping our eyes on them, they haven’t played a good team since Palmer arrived (although the surging B-men, who beat them, are .500 now).


14. Cincinnati Bengals (6-4).

Refs absolutely cheated them out of a Gresham TD and it altered the complexion of the rest of the game.


15. Denver Broncos (5-5).



16. Tennessee Titans (5-5).



17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6).

They tried hard, but still not though enough.


18. Seattle Seahawks (4-6).



19. Cleveland Browns (4-6).

They won, but their offense is about as stagnant as the Giants’, both teams’ being epitomized by going three full quarters before ever getting out of PARK, much less first gear.


20. New York Jets (5-5).

Won three straight, lost two straight, they’re rooting for rivals and hated, sworn enemies just to have a hope that their Week 16 tilt vs. the Giants has implications (if the Jets enter that game 8-6, a win would help their playoff chances greatly, for instance).


21. Buffalo Bills (5-5).

Fading faster than LeBron James’ hairline, the end of a DMX posse-cut circa 1998 and Michael Jordan on his patented fadeaway where he falls back nearly 10 feet.


22. Miami Dolphins (3-7).

They may be virtually eliminated from playoff contention, but their talk of “running the table” doesn’t sound so ludicrous with three resounding victories in a row. Winning Thursday could put a major dent in Dallas’ playoff aspirations, as well.


23. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7).



24. Arizona Cardinals (3-7).

They rolled over and died early. The win vs. PHI took too much out of them.


25. Philadelphia Eagles (4-6).

They only got up for the game because it was their bitter rivals, however, they’re going to go right back to Dream Team Football and get rick rolled by the Patriots.


26. Carolina Panthers (2-8).

They tried hard, but far too many turnovers (yet again) by Newton — continue to offset his scoring production and fails to mitigate the losses on their turnstile defence.


27. Washington Redskins (3-7).

They normally split with Dallas and appeared to have been point shaving late in Week 11.


28. Minnesota Vikings (2-8).

If Young All Day is out for any extended period of time (we all know, those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s, that “high ankle sprains” usually keep guys out 4-6 weeks, and three weeks minimum), do people even have ANY incentive to watch the Vikes? Jared Allen’s assault on the sack record? Chris Kluwe’s tweets? Ponder’s development?


29. St. Louis Rams (2-8).

They’re going back to Los Angeles in two years, I can FEEL IT. Hopefully, Spags has his brain intact and doesn’t go back to Philadelphia.


30. San Diego Chargers (4-6).

The Bolts are a PUTRID MESS.


31. Kansas City Chiefs (4-6).

Backup or not, I’ve never seen a team present such a mirage for a month, bookended by some of the worst football I’ve seen since 9/11.


32. Indianapolis Colts (0-10).

Even if Manning comes back next year, they’re going to have a totally revamped offense. Wayne, Addai and others could be gone.




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